Monday, August 22, 2011

Coincidence part 2

Coincidences part 2

In my previous post I was telling of things that happened to Dennis and I that we believe are not coincidences.
3) Dennis was drugged the first 40 days we were in OU yet he managed to pass his swallow test so he could eat regular food.  Some people never pass this test yet he did it completely drugged and he has no memory of doing so.  Every hospital we would go to after that would make him take it again because they didn’t believe us.  4)  We got accepted to T.I.R.R. rehab center, they did not want us but something changed their minds and they accepted us.  We had been praying for God’s heavenly army to go before us and prepare the place we were suppose to be.  TIRR was that place and they brought Dennis back to life.

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