Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cry Baby!

I think when some kind of tragic circumstance hits close to home, your emotions take on a mind of their own. I am now a bawl baby of the biggest sort. I will admit I have always been a crier but this is waterworks galore. My daughter who was never big on crying commented the other day that every time she turned around she was crying about something. She doesn't like this new phenomenon in her personality but I told her she didn't have a chance with me as a mother. I had a favorite song called "untitled hymn", Come to Jesus sang by Chris Rice. Someone sang it at my daddy's funeral and now when I hear the first chord I am bawling. We also played "This day" by Point of Grace, same thing. I went to a funeral recently where they played "Blessings" and I can't hear it without crying. I have decided that I am excited to get to Heaven where I will not have to cry and have a big red nose anymore!

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