Monday, August 8, 2011


The month of May we went to my cousin Frankie and Marlin's 50th wedding anniversary at Canton Lake.  Dennis was feeling pretty good that day so we had a great time seeing all my family.  It had been a long time since we all had gotten together and we vowed to get together every year (as we always do when we get together!)  Right after the party we had some issues with Dennis's pacer that involved little bitty wires coming out of the pacer.  We called Cleveland and we had three options.  1)  Gt on a plane and go to Cleveland.  Dennis was having breathing issues so that was not an option.  2)  we could fly a repairman out here on our dime and have him fix it.  3)  they would send us a power point and we could try and fix it.  Well, our friend is not nicknamed Mr. Wizard for nothing!  Max watched the power point with Dennis's dad and they said peice of cake.  The wires are so little it is about the size of an unfolded paper clip.  That morning Max and his son Blake with Larry came over and sautered the wires.  Job well done! 

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