Sunday, August 14, 2011

McMuprhy's Law

The day that Dennis’s dad left for vacation I came home from work and walked in the house.  It was 82 degrees.  I asked the people that are here all day (mom and Dennis) if it felt a little warm to them.  The assured me it did but thought nothing of it.  Yes, the A/C was out.  I called our friend Max who came over and I called our local plumber Mike McMurphy.  This is one of the reasons I love living in a small town where people care about each other.  My motor was out and in 20 minutes Mike had it replaced and changed.  Dennis can’t get overly heated with a SCI because he can’t tell if he is getting over heated and he can have a heat stroke.  An SCI patient can only sweat above their injury line and Dennis’s is high so there is no way to help with the heat.  The people in my town are always there to help when we need it. 
It's old and has lived a good life.

A couple of days later we had a storm south of us and our electricity went out.  Once again we had a fireman (thanks Brant) call us to make sure we had a generator, which we do, and we waited till it got stuffy enough and fired it up.  That generator was a gift to us when we got home from Houston and we have been ever grateful.  I have to have instructions on how to start it but I can and it comes in very handy.  Dennis has an air bed that runs on electricity and we had T.V. and fans that helped a lot.  I know God has blessed us by putting us in this community and we know how blessed we are.

Yes, my generator has a flat tire and no I do not know how to change it!

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