Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dennis was also in the process of getting lights, remotes, home phones and doors that he could operate.  It was really exciting and giving Dennis just a bit of independence.  He was now serving on the Sandra Beasley Independent Living board and we were both on the church finance committee.  He also decided to be a mentor.  Now this in theory is a great idea but once again I feel like a Debbie downer.  When Dennis decides to be involved in something, it doesn’t just take Dennis, it involves other people….who work all day…and is tired…and they feel guilty if they don’t do it.  But he got a little boy who fit him perfectly and it went really well.
We added a pergola to the north side of our house where it is all cement.  We were hoping Dennis could sit out there in the evenings but now we need a fire pit!

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