Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Small Town

My friend Dawn,who writes the Cobweb's Corner blog, wrote recently about life in a small town and I loved that blog. She gave reasons why she would always be a small town girl and I wanted to do the same.

We have events at the Historical Society and everyone shows up.  That's Dennis's dad, Larry and A fellow employee I work with Sharie Smith.  They are "Lions"!
We have parades and the clowns are really nice!
Dennis's Grandma Martha lives right across the street from us.  She is in her 90's and we have loved having her live here.
My father-in-law's pool is only two miles away.
We can sit outside and listen to the rodeo .
We ALL know where we sit every Sunday morning!  (Third row piano side).  Missing my church family....
Making life long friends...

And people in a small town coming together for people in need. 

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your Rotary stand - same the world over.

    To have access to such a pool in weather appropriate would be one of my dreams.

    Amazed that there are churches still where you have your special place to sit!