Sunday, September 25, 2011


If you know me or read anything I have written here or on care pages, you know I have the most amazing friends. I’m not sure what we did for God to bless us with these people but we never take it for granted and we also pray for them and their children and now their grandchildren since it is one of the things we can do. I was doing a project where you put the cards that people have given you and you get some rings and make it into a book. Well, I am a thrower. I read a card and place it in my heart and throw. I have about ten cards from friends that I have kept over the years and I decided to make a book. I had cards that I kept from my friend Cathy that has since passed and I could not find them. I knew I had kept them and I even knew what they looked like. I tore my house up and cried and tore my house up again. In the insanity of searching I came upon Easter eggs and note cards that one of my best friends had made.
 Debbie had made Dennis these note cards when he was in OU Medical Center because he could not talk.  She is the kind of person that does everything with pure love attached to it.  While we were at Houston she took on the task of overseer to paint my huge bedroom from a dark plum to a lovely sage green color.  She had people of the community write uplifting words and she put them in Easter eggs and placed them around the house.  We kept finding eggs 6 months after we got home.
I have talked before about how I read Psalms 30:5 every night before I went to bed during the five months we were gone.  “For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”  When I walked in my bedroom Debbie had made me this pillow. 

She did and has continued to make our life as joyous as she can and I will love her forever for being the friend she has been.  As a caregiver, sometimes you feel out in limbo, and if you feel that way I hope you are blessed with a “Debbie” in your life.