Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Unknown

I remember when 9/11 happened one of the scariest feelings was the fear of the unknown.  Would another attack happen?  How many people were deceased and how many were missing?  Is the life we were comfortable with over and would we ever feel safe again?   As a  wife and caregiver when my husband had his accident those very same feelings came into play again.  Would I ever feel safe again?  Was our comfortable and happy life over?  Would we ever feel normal again?  Those feelings of the unknown every time I walked into the trauma unit at OU medical center still haunt me.  I can remember those alarms like it was yesterday.  Then the feelings of the unknown when we had to go to Select Hospital and had to get to know new people and a new routine and new surroundings.  And then the feeling of the unknown when I had to accompany my husband on a plane to Houston, Texas and live for two months.  The unknown is a scary place and I still live in it a little today.  But the one constant I had was knowing that God was sitting beside me even when I didn't feel like He was there.  I knew He was watching over us,  guiding my decisions and helping us reconstruct our destroyed lives.  We still get those little nudges of what if's or this will never's but when that happens we go straight to the Word of God and get our shot for the day.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing and hearing......

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