Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Sick

I don't like to be sick and you can even say I'm a big baby.  When I start to feel something coming on I rush to take whatever I can find hidden in the back of the medicine chest.  But this time it didn't matter I got a 24 hour bug anyway.  The thing about getting sick when you are a caregiver is that you still have to be a caregiver.  I want to crawl in a blanket with my pillow and take a "extra" dose of Nyquil and go to sleepy town, but it doesn't work that way.  First I have to make sure my hands are clean at all times and I spray Lysol in our bedroom about 5 times a day. I clorox down everything all the time.   I still have to take care of Dennis at night and I will say I may not be the most pleasant person at 3 in the morning let alone when I'm sick.  The blessing is my mom (who lives with Dennis and I) kicks in to high gear mom mode and I get to sleep all day.  She make sure Dennis is OK and she brings me tea and water.  I count my blessings that she is still able to help me out I just wish her bed would fit in my room at night, but she snores so that's a no go!  Thanks again, mom.

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  1. Sounds like you have an angel living with you.