Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving VS Christmas!

This week I took down my Thanksgiving and Fall decorations.  I have had them up since Sept 1 and I am ready to move on even though this week is Thanksgiving. 
It takes about two days for me to decorate for Christmas because I never remember where I put the things last year and although I have 6 boxes of decoration it always seems like I don’t have enough. I do weed out things I don’t need or want so I have to replenish! We don't do lights since Dennis's accident because I don't want to hurt myself putting them up. This year I made quite a few items and I love to set things out, it seems to get me into the Christmas mood.

  But this year there was a tugging on my heart that made me uncomfortable.  Was I really getting in to the spirit of Christmas of the commercial aspect of the season?  Had I taken one moment of time to really think about what the season means that is coming upon us?  Had I opened my bible in the last week to hear God talking to me?  No, I hadn’t.  So today I am taking a moment to listen and reflect on the things that God is speaking about today through others and through His word.  He sent His son to die for me, so I can take a minute to thank and rejoice Him for it.  I never argue with the fact that this may not be the exact time of Christ birth because whether it is or isn’t we can celebrate what He did for us in December and every other month of the year.  I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas!

                                Happy Holidays Christmas!!


  1. Beautiful post Cheri, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Happy Christmas to you too when the time comes. You have decorated beautifully and I am sure your husband enjoys seeing it all.

    Many blessings.