Thursday, December 29, 2011

Post Christmas traumatic stress syndrome!

Christmas is over and I always get a little sad and sentimental when the last present is opened and the last person leaves. I always wonder why we wait so long to get together to visit and just be together. Everyone is so busy with their lives that it seems we all need to slow down and spend time with each other. My family all comes over to my house on Christmas Eve. We are now missing two people, my dad and my sister have both went to heaven, so every Christmas is more and more dear to me. This year we had to share with other families due to marriages and girlfriends, so instead of our usual 23 or so, we had 14. But it was very fun and I loved every minute except maybe one.  This one....

My daughter's boyfriend tipped my top shelf that holds some fiestaware and Christmas decorations. The look of horror on his and my daughter's face was priceless. It's just stuff, stuff that I have less of now!! My husband Dennis, who has been fighting some serious illnesses all summer, did really well. We met with his dad and stepmom on Christmas Day night and Dennis's mom's on Monday night. Both nights were very fun and although we were pretty tired we loved every minute. My daughter had to leave on Monday afternoon because her boyfriend had to work Monday night and I already miss her. She brought her two dogs who do not get along with my two dogs very well. Her dogs kind of take over the house.

Then when you are so tired you don't think you can make it another minute, it's time to go back to work!  The good news is we have another three day weekend coming up.  Happy New Year!!!!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Christmas. That is a really nice pic of the three of you.
    I hope you have a good New Year weekend, and all the very best to you all for 2012.