Saturday, December 3, 2011

Things We Take for Granted: part 1

We are trying to fatten up my husband Dennis, because he had lost so much weight this summer.  With the weight he gains it gets easier to breathe and also the pressure sores heal better and faster. So when we go to bed now we have his favorite snack at his bedside, Cheetos! 
Since Dennis is a quadriplegic I have to feed him the Cheetos.   Now, my day is full being as I work and by the time I go to bed I want to go straight to bed, but that  does not happen in a caregivers world.  When it’s time to go to bed you get the patient ready, which in our case is getting the sling and lift and put Dennis to bed.  Then it’s getting all the pressure sores where there is no pressure on any of them and either oxygen, vent, or on a good night neither one of them.  Making sure his head isn’t cold and the room isn’t too cold or too hot.  Giving the nighttime meds and then.. you get to go to bed, unless you are trying to fatten someone up and then you get to feed them Cheetos!  Someone needs to invent a self feeding Cheeto machine!  This is one of my selfish moments when I long for the days that when I got tired I went in and put my pajamas and went to bed.  So this is why I am calling this blog “ Things we take for Granted: part 1”,  because you don’t realize what a blessing some simple things are until they are gone; don’t take them for granted.    


  1. Cheri. God bless you. Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am glad you enjoy it.
    This is a great blog! And very much needed. My girlfriend's sister has spinobifida (SP), and I just cannot imagine how she deals with it. BUT, she does, and runs a mgmt company, and is generally large and in charge!
    Your sense of humor in what must be a tough situation is admirable. I took care of my mom for the last couple years of her life, and while I had Cancer. So I dont' take anything for granted. Your husband is blessed to have you at his side feeding him Cheetos (one of nature's perfect foods I might add)!

  2. Cheri, another great reminder of how precious life is and how easy it is for us able bodied people to take things for granted.

    I cannot imagine how hard your life is. I'm sure you need what you call your 'selfish moments', like taking the lid off a pressure cooker.

    I have 2 brothers (one died) in wheelchairs and unable to walk with Muscular Dystrophy but at least they can move in their chairs an d feed themselves.

    I pray every blessing that there could possibly be in your situation to materialise for you.

  3. I take way too many things for granted.
    Dennis has good taste! Crunchy Cheetos are so much better than the puffy ones. :)