Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas debacle 2012!

Last year at Christmas this happened:
This year at Christmas this happened:

Same guy different scenario!  Nick ( my daughter's boyfriend) cut his finger to the bone.   I wonder what he will do next year ???  Much love, Cheri


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mary, Did You Know?

I have always loved this Christmas song and I love this version by Mark Lowery who wrote the song. It can stir up such emotion in me when I listen to it. I always wonder about the feelings of Mary, knowing she was carrying a baby that was so special. Did God give her the revelation of what was coming and what He would go through? Did she have to live with that knowledge His entire life? When she had to watch Him suffer, did she know that it was for you and me? Or was she just a mom who loved her son and was having to watch him die in torment. 

                                Much love, Cheri

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Around our town 2012

I love my town and I could not imagine living anywhere else.  Everyone knows everyone (sometimes not a great thing) but people care.  Dennis and I like to drive around our town during Christmas and see what the Christmas lights look like.  I think our downtown looks beautiful at night.  Here are some of the ones we liked.  Of course, we loved the Farm Bureau building.  Our friend Kaiser put blowing snow in the window and it is my favorite.  He worked long and hard at this project and it was awesome.
We loved this house and I believe it won first place this year.  The lights in the drive way twinkle.
 this was the side fence.  The white snowflakes blink on and off.
Then there was Mike's house which is just out of this world.  I couldn't even get this all in a picture.  There is a little trailer house in the back and Santa opens the door and peeks out.
But this is always my favorite.  Simple and says it all.
Much love, Cheri


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Vintage Weekly

I haven't posted any pictures on the Vintage Weekly blog for a while now, so I thought this was as good a time as any.  These are a couple of pictures I took when we went to Arles, France.  I will say I did not have enough time in this town and would love to go back and visit some day.  It was one of those places that you can never get enough of.  This photo is the town and that is the Rhone River.

Much love, Cheri 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pressure sores 2

A while back I did a post on Dennis's pressure sores.  This post was almost 12 months ago and we are still fighting the pressure sores.  That's why it's so important when you see any bruising to start taking care of business.  They told us at the rehab center that a ink pin dot on the surface could be 3 inches wide underneath the surface.  Once again this is not for the faint of heart.  I haven't posted anything on caregiving on a while and figured I needed to post something so I thought I would show the progress of the pressure sores.  It is a very, very slow progress but progress nonetheless.  Here is what it  looked like 12 months ago.

 This is what it looked like about 6 months ago.
This is what it looks like right now.
Slowly but surely. ..and I do mean slowly.  This came on so fast because Dennis had lost a lot of weight when he had his stomach issues.  We look him over very good now and have learned a lot in this process but the main thing we have learned is "pressure sores suck"!

Much love, Cheri


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Home for the Holidays

We have some guests for the holidays! One is in our new house and the other two are in the hotel.  Dennis loves watching them out our patio windows. 

They have a variety of nuts to snack on thanks to my mother but, there are two things that are making them feel unwelcome. 

                                             Who us???????????????????????
                Much love, Cheri


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Things I love at Christmastime

Dennis's Grandma lives across the street from us and one of the things I love about Christmas is looking over there and seeing this view.  It warms my heart at Christmastime.  This was last year.

This year some very awesome kids from our school got together and put up lights for people who couldn't.  My niece Karley is in that group.
  Now when I look across the street at Grandma's it looks like this and it still warms my heart for different reasons.

 One, that Grandma is still here celebrating with us and two, people cared enough to spend an hour to put up her lights.  Much love, Cheri


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friends on Facebook

A lot of people are really not supportive of Facebook and I will admit I am a Facebook addict.  But my blogger friend Dana Ritter decided she would start a group on Facebook for caregivers and their spouses.  Within 5 hours there were 60 members and right now there are 101 members.  We introduced ourselves, told our story and you don't even have to do that.  But what it does do is remind us that we are not alone in this spinal cord journey.  It gives us a sense of community and lets us talk about and help others with similar problems.  These people that have joined are inspiring and have also overcome and are still overcoming great obstacles in their lives and are trying to have a normal and joyful life in the process.  I am so thankful Dana started this group, I know I have made lifelong friends and I know that if I need support or someone to just listen I can get on Facebook and someone is there with similar problems that I have.  I would never trade my friends here but sometimes a friend  knows that sometimes you need a friend that understand the feelings you have, like if you don't want to get up and help your spouse when you are in bed or someone to understand that you want to cry sometimes for no reason . They understand because they have those same feelings  .  I will ever be grateful to Dana for starting this group and her blog is if you want to check her out.  Much love, Cheri

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I get very sentimental at Christmas. The year Dennis had his accident I was so grateful to God that we were home before Christmas and it really puts things in persecptive for me.  I still put our  same decorations that I have had for years because I don't really care what my house looks like, but I do care what it feels like to me.  I want those memories around me that have been there for a very long time.  Every ornament on my tree tells a story and has a memory.  This is the ornament I made when I was very, very young so it has to be 40 somenthing years old!  I can't believe my mom kept it all these years but I'm glad we get to enjoy it.
It is made out of an egg carton and tinsel.

These are from my little brother Scott and one is a stryofoam ball with sequins and the Santa Claus is made out of a napkin.
This one is from my daughter Whitney who just had to paint some ceramics while I was painting one day.  It is a mouse on an elephant (cause they get along at Christmas)
By the way, my daughter did go on to have some artistic ability, this is what she painted me last Christmas.
Much love, Cheri


Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 things I do not like about the Christmas season!

Don't get me wrong I love this time of year.  I love the malls all done up in Christmas lights and decorations.  I love to decorate my house and I love to see everyone else's.  But their are some things that I really do not like and these are not in any particular order.  I'm sure this will make some people mad, so I'll say sorry before hand.
1.  I do not like sad, sad Christmas songs.  It is hard enough getting through this season without those we loved, and there are circumstances in everyone's life that is hard, but I don't want them singing about it on every other song.  I cry and I don't want to cry, this is a joyous time, the time we celebrate the birth of our saviour.  don't make me cry!
2.  I do not like greed in children.  I do not like it when children think this holiday is all about what the latest trend is that they will be getting or not getting.  We have raised them up that way so we have to take responsibility for it.  I don't think you can get by with saying "oh it's all about the children, NO it's about Jesus and what God sacrificed for us.
3.  Substituting the word holiday for Christmas, nothing gets me going like this does.  There WOULD NOT even be a holiday if it wasn't for the birth of Christ.
4. This one I am pointing at myself.  I am a people pleaser when it comes to my loved ones.  I have to have the perfect gift and I will stop at nothing to find it.  I don't like it and I don't like it about myself.
5. I'm pointing at myself again,  I don't like it when we get so wrapped up in everything that we don't even take the time to remember to thank God for this amazing gift.  He wrapped him up and laid him in a manger, just to hang on a cross.  For me.....


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I am reposting an earlier post about Thanksgiving and what I am thankful for.  A friend we had met on carepages wrote this poem for her husbands birthday and it sums up my feelings so well that I thought I would share it again.

To My Husband

Thank you for choosing to fight against fate
when the Dr. announced you were at Heaven's gate

I watched you endure months of extreme pain and sorrow
in attempts to be around for just one more tomorrow

Thank you for remaining so true to yourself
while so many circumstances jeopardized your health

I know that you think you aren't the man you used to be
but for me and the kids that's not what we see

We see such strength and courage each day
it's just that it's not in the old average way

We see someone overcome so many obstacles to live
and on top of it all you continue to give

You give of yourself
to make our lives go on

You push thru so many difficulties
and continue to press on

So thank you so much for choosing to live
our lives are so blessed by the love that you give

Never lose sight of your faith in God's plan
with hope and determination I know that you can

You can live your life to the fullest you'll see
with us by your side there isn't a thing you can't achieve

Please remember on your birthday and the upcoming year
nothing will ever matter more than having you here

                                                 Happy Thanksgiving, Cheri

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Around our town

I'm getting ready to start with some Christmas post so I thought I'd better get a fall post in there before I do.  This is by our fire station and city offices.  All of our firefighters are volunteer and they do an amazing job.
Have a great weekend.  Much love, Cheri

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quad wife confessions

I have a blogger friend named Dana Ritter and she has a blog called Love Like This Life.  Her husband Michael is a Quadreplegic with an injury lower than Dennis's .  She did a post and named it Quad wife confessions and I had to laugh cause that was so me.  In this post she had hurt her husband transferring him out of bed.  Oh, the stories Dennis and I could tell, so I am going to start my Quad wife confession post.  The first one is I don't like being the one who has to get living creatures out of our house.  That used to be Dennis's job and now it's mine.  I don't like it.  This animal felt the need to come in my house.
This is the room he came in and I had to chase him down and get him out all the while my husband and mother were yelling instructions to me. 
Today my dog Deacon, decided to bring me a mouse but I had to chase him to get it.  That is my confession for this week.  I don't like beiong on animal control!  Much love, Cheri

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Veteran's Day

This weekend is Veteran's Day so I thought I would show you a tribute to Veteran's in my hometown of Aline, Ok.   These are the names of hometown men that served  their country and I'm not sure if it was WW I or WW II or both.  This has been on the side of this building by the Co-op since I can remember and I never gave it much thought as a little girl.  Now that I'm older and I see what a mess our country is in, I value every name up there and I wonder what they would be thinking now.

And as an added bonus we have this little mural in the front of this building.  They are names that served in the Spanish American War and the Civil War.
I hope we all remember to honor the men and women that died and served for our freedom.  Just stop and say a little prayer and thank God for these people.  Happy Veteran's Day, Cheri

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Skywatch Friday

It has been a long, long time since we have had some really good rainfall.  This was last year and it did rain, but it hailed even more!

I'm posting this for my Skywatch Friday post, Happy Weekend , Cheri 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I am not as organized as my BFF Jana at "Country is" blog, but I do like everything in its place neat and tidy.  When my husband had his wreck we converted our garage into a big room for my parents.  My mom is a lot younger than my dad and she was starting to need some help with him, and I needed help in our new life we were facing.  So as I have blogged about before, the awesome friends and family converted the garage and my mom and dad moved in.  Now, i did not inherit my neatness from my mother and I will say she is still working out of her house for a company here in town.   But, her work area drives me to drink!
If she goes somewhere I will go in and organize and put everything in its place and in less than an hour it's back to this.  But, she does have her priorities straight cause right about her monitor is a very, very  important piece of paper on the wall. 
If you click and make this larger you will see that it is the winner of Dancing with the Stars and the year they won in!  Very important information!!  Much love, Cheri

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Vintage Weekly

After we toured Monoco we came back to Nice to get ready to go to Arles.  One last glimpse of Nice, France.  I would never get tired of this view.
The Promenade des Anglais:
This is my Vintage Weekly post!   Much love, Cheri

Friday, November 2, 2012

Skywatch Friday

This is what was out my backdoor the other evening.  My Skywaych Friday post.
Happy Week-end!  Much Love, Cheri 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Mural

This mural is in the small town of Ames, Oklahoma, population around 199 as of the 2000 census.
I'm not sure if it represents what the town used to look like or what but I like the mural.  My contribution to Monday Murals.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I am not a big Halloween fan.  I have 2 halloween decorations that I put on my blog last year.  I made some ghosts out of ceiling fan lights.  If you haven't seen them here they are again.

Much love, Cheri 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caregiving 101

This blog started out as a caregiving blog and I told our story from a caregiver’s viewpoint.  It has since evolved in to anything goes and as that happens you have a very eclectic group that reads my blog.  Some look at photos and some check in to see what is happening with my husband and me.  This post will be about my husband, Dennis so photo lookers….sorry!

As most know Dennis is a quadriplegic and to be specific he is a tetraplegic.   It has to do with where your injury level is and his is high.  C2  For the past year and a half we have dealt with Dennis having horrible stomach pain and we have scanned and x-rayed and ultra sounded to find nothing wrong.  But the pain is there and he has lost a lot of weight (it’s horrible when you weigh more than your husband)  Well, we finally went back to a Doctor we love and he thinks Dennis has SMP.
Sympathetic Maintained Pain.  This is what our Dr. Shields our internal medicine Dr thinks that Dennis has now.  We are trying things out to see if they help, and now Dennis has a prescribed patch that he puts on his stomach to help with pain and also some medication.  We will be trying this for 6 weeks and see if it gets the pain under control.  If it doesn't it’s round two and we will try something else.  Our internal medicine doctor is a saint.  Dr. Shields really cares about his patients and he has been known to call the house at 9:30 at night just to see how Dennis is doing.  Dennis and Dr Shields email each other and now they are going to Skype each other.  He is a true blessing and we know it is not a coincidence that he is in our lives.  We truly thank God daily that we have Dr. Shields in our lives cause this man is not giving up. 
It's a very hard thing to watch someone trying to enjoy life as best as we can, have to deal with this pain on top of everything else.  It's always one day at a time.  Much love, Cheri

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Mural

This is my Monday Mural and it comes from Watonga, Oklahoma.  I wish they didn't have the bin thing in front of the mural, but it was still pretty.  Much love, Cheri

Saturday, October 20, 2012


When my husband Dennis and I go on road trips he is always giving me tips on pictures I should take.  Some I do and some I don't. He wanted me to take this tree and so I did.  I posted it in color and black and white, I am not a good judge of when a picture should be in black and white, any suggestions???  Click on them to make them bigger!

Happy Weekend, much love, Cheri

Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Dennis and I took a drive to see if the trees had turned yet and I think we were a little early....but almost.  We drove to Roman Nose State Park and the trees were beginning to change but not quite yet.
There is a bush that is red in color and it is beautiful, it is growing up the inside of this tree.

 And my little Maple tree is changing every day.
In honor of Fall I decided to actually get the sewing machine out that I purchased on ebay and try my hand at learning to sew.  It took me a month to figure out how to fill a bobbin and another month to thread my machine, but now I can actually sew and I did this pillow for my first ever project.  I think a little more stuffing and it will be done.  By the way it's a leaf pillow made out of place settings!
And look who let me take his picture!  Happy Autumn .....Cheri