Thursday, January 5, 2012


We had a great New Year’s Eve at a friend’s house and although I wasn’t feeling great I had a great time and I wanted Dennis to have a great time also.  He hasn’t got to go out and socialize in some time and he needed a night out.  We have the greatest friends on earth as I have blogged about their awesomeness many times.  We have been so blessed these past years after Dennis’s accident and I always am so grateful that my husband is a man of God.  I don’t usually blog about financial things in our life because God has always provided, and after Dennis’s accident we had to walk in faith in that area.  But, my husband who is a person of great faith and who tithes faithfully, has never had a concern about God providing for us.  Whenever something comes along and I start thinking how in the world are we going to get this or if something unexpected comes along and we need something done, how are we going to take care of it, but God has always taken care of the problem.   With spinal cord injuries the list of medical demands and supplies is never ending.  Some are taken care of by Medicare and some are out of pocket and some are half and half.  This past week Dennis’s sling for his lift that gets him out of his chair and into bed or out of bed and into his chair, well it just wore out after almost 5 ½ years. 

 I went straight to EBay and nothing, so I went to the medical suppliers and I couldn’t believe the prices.  We went through a place that Medicare agreed to pay half but I kept thinking where in the world are we going to get that extra money and I always get frustrated with my husband because he never joins my little worry party and he always says “God will take care of it, He always has.”  And God did, through a faithful person or persons.  We got a gift from our church from an anonymous donor or donors.  That is the way God works.  We don’t know who the person or persons are who help us out when we need it the most, but we do know that God is going to bless them back.  So thank you to whoever you are and God Bless!


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