Sunday, January 29, 2012


I can’t remember a world without multi-tasking!  I don’t just mean a little bit here or there but it seems like all the time.  At first I thought maybe I was being forgetful and I thought I had better start “A Notebook” so someone could read it to me when I got really bad.  I could see me listening and thinking, “They sound vaguely familiar, do I know them?”  Then I realized it isn’t so much that I am forgetful but that I have five projects going at once and helping Dennis with his things also.  He is pretty self-sufficient when we get his computer started or the motorcycle race or football game is on, but he still needs meds or water or snacks or etc.  So during the week I work and it's left up to my mom and Dennis's dadbut on the weekends I have laundry, some cleaning and straightening up, household projects and checking my computer.  In the summer it seems to get worse because then you can add yard work on top of it all.  My mom does most of the cooking or I would probably never make it, but on the weekends I feel like she should have a break and I try to cook a little.  By cook I mean go get hamburgers or pizza!  But although it seem really busy I really like the fact that I have a full day and I when my head hits the pillow I’m out.  Sometimes I do wish I just had some me time, I don’t even remember what that is, but it seems like when I have a hour here or there I’m wandering around the house wondering what to do.  Today I don't have any photos so I am posting random shots of my house and husband and whatever!


  1. It twists my heart to see the wonderful support system you have around you and Dennis and the random photos were just lovely Cheri.

  2. Must be such a blessing for you and Dennis to have such wonderful family support.

    Always inspirational to visit.