Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our Town

My last post was on blessings and it started me thinking about how I love the little town I live in.  I have blogged about this before but it is a subject I never tire of.  I was fortunate to have done some traveling before my husband’s accident and I loved every minute but there is no place like home.  Although I love to travel I also love knowing that Dennis and I live in a pretty quiet, small rural town that takes care of the people that live in that town.  I know all my neighbors and I know that I can run over to their house if I need something.  We have an eye doctor (also a best friend) that will come to our house and take care of Dennis.  You probably would not get that kind of service in a large city.  Dennis's doctor has also made house calls when Dennis has been terribly sick and it is because he truly cares.  Friends and people of this town help each other out and also lift each other up in prayer when we need them to.  Some of the people that read this blog live a long way from us so I thought I would post a few shots of our town.  The first one was taken by a friend, who lives about a block away named Velda.  I loved this shot and asked her if I could post it.
The rest our some of mine.  I haven't taken very many so I need for it to get warmer so I can get out and get some pictures.
 Some Co-workers helping me clean up the honeysuckle I cut down.  They came and hauled it off for me.  Thanks Bruce and Brant!
 This is the view from my church door and it looks out to the Fairview schools.
 This is the gazebo in our beautiful town park.  It is almost in my backyard.
This is our fire department. I took this photo because I love that tree in the fall.
This is from my backyard and it's the Major County fair building.  It was very foggy and it looked really eerie.


  1. Found this very interesting and so much space. Love seeing other places.

    Happy New Year

  2. The space was what struck me too, not something we are used to in England! It also looks immaculate.
    Cheri, I put an award on my blog for you. I was lucky enough to receive one myself today, so wanted to share with you too.