Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm going to take this post and brag about my one and only child, my daughter Whitney. She has a talent that comes from somewhere we haven't quite figured out yet, so I thought I would share a little of it in this post.   This is a picture of my mom and dad cirque 1969. It is taken in front of the old farmhouse I grew up in and one of the few pictures we have left of the old house now.  It is the same house that is in my big picture collage.   My bedroom was in the very front upstairs!

I love everything about this picture right down to the cigarette my mom has in her hand and the denim "pedal pushers" she is wearing.  They were newly married and we had come to live on the farm straight from the big city. My daughter doesn't have a lot of cash as she is going to school, so for Christmas last year she painted my mom a picture of this picture.  It took my mom's breath away and I think Whitney did a great job.
This year for Christmas she asked me what I wanted and I already knew.  Whitney and I have been to Paris and we both bought some art on the square in Montmartre, but I wanted her to paint me a picture that I saw and fell in love with.  She did it in watercolor and I loved the technique she used.  It couldn't have been a better Christmas present.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caregiving 101

When my husband talks somewhere he always lets the audience asks questions and he always tells them that there is not anything he will not be willing to discuss. Since I haven’t had a caregiving post in a while I thought this was a good time to do one . This particular post is how we do our showers around here. When you have someone who is a quadriplegic it is a little tricky. A lot of people in wheelchairs have use of their upper body, but my husband does not, so sitting in a shower chair is not possible. We have to use a trolley, and while we were in Houston we found out what they were and I purchased one on ebay. Here is a photo of what our trolley looks like.

Dennis was having rehab in Houston we had some amazing friends, church family and just willing participants come over and help reconstruct my shower that is in our bedroom. They took a wall out and made it where we can roll the trolley in. They also took out our carpet and put wood floors and painted my plum walls to a calming sage green.

 We were and are blessed with so many friends and wonderful people in our lifes.

P.S.  I forgot to mention that some other family members like the trolley also!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Citizen of the Year

Monday night my husband was awarded the Citizen of the Year award at the Fairview Chamber of Commerce banquet.  I know I'm a little prejudice but I believe Dennis was a great choice for the award although I know there are many more that are just as deserving.  Max, Dennis's best friend gave the introduction speech about what all Dennis had done before his accident, and what he does now since the accident.  It was a great night with really great friends and family to support us.  Dennis is a reminder to all of us that God has a plan for everyone no matter what your circumstances are and that you will be blessed when you are obedient and carry out those plans that are laid down before you.  Max told of the things Dennis has done, but I know of many other reasons that I think he is a great citizen, reasons most people don't ever hear about and he doesn't tell. He gives generously to people who are in need and he is always looking for people to help.  He is a great prayer warrior and when he tells you he will pray for you he means he will pray diligently and daily. He has become the most patient man (and not by choice).  To me he is the model citizen of the year, this year and every year.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


We finally got some rain.  With that rain comes lightening and thunder.  With lightening comes lightening strikes and guess whose house it hit?  So I have no T.V.  No brand new computer :( (the phone lines were out for awhile and it got one phone and a direct TV box.)  My whiz of a computer tech/sister-in -law, Terri, is coming over to hopefully do her magic on my computer.  Say a prayer and yes, God cares about the little things in our life.  None of Dennis's medical equipment got damaged, thank the Lord, and hopefully our insurance will take care of us.  But WE GOT RAIN!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

This and That

My husband spoke today at the Fairview High School's FCA group today.  For those of you that live out of the country that is the Fellowship of Christan Athletes.  Dennis did not appear to be nervous but I am always a bundle of nerves when he speaks somewhere.  You never know how people are going to react to his disability and a lot of times it makes people very nervous.   I tend to get over sensitive about how people react to him even though we have had lots of practice.  The very first time we went Christmas shopping we saw a friend from our town and his reaction was, " They let you come out Christmas shopping??"  I responded with, " Yes, we let him out once in awhile."  Dennis enjoys getting out and speaking about what happened to him and his journey of faith.  He feels like this is what God has called him to do at this particular point in his life. 

Now on a completely different note, I have been pestering coaxing one of my best friends, Jana, to start a blog.  Jana lives out in the country and she is one of the best cooks, one of the craftiest people I know, plus she takes a pretty good picture.  Well, she has finally started one and I know it's going to be an awesome blog. Please stop in for a visit.  The address is:

Oh yeah, this is a picture of her!!