Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I'm going to take this post and brag about my one and only child, my daughter Whitney. She has a talent that comes from somewhere we haven't quite figured out yet, so I thought I would share a little of it in this post.   This is a picture of my mom and dad cirque 1969. It is taken in front of the old farmhouse I grew up in and one of the few pictures we have left of the old house now.  It is the same house that is in my big picture collage.   My bedroom was in the very front upstairs!

I love everything about this picture right down to the cigarette my mom has in her hand and the denim "pedal pushers" she is wearing.  They were newly married and we had come to live on the farm straight from the big city. My daughter doesn't have a lot of cash as she is going to school, so for Christmas last year she painted my mom a picture of this picture.  It took my mom's breath away and I think Whitney did a great job.
This year for Christmas she asked me what I wanted and I already knew.  Whitney and I have been to Paris and we both bought some art on the square in Montmartre, but I wanted her to paint me a picture that I saw and fell in love with.  She did it in watercolor and I loved the technique she used.  It couldn't have been a better Christmas present.


  1. I think she did a brilliant job! She is very talented indeed.

  2. Love your new look....Where did Whitney get her talent from?

  3. Love the new collage pics and I immediately noted the house. It looks like a house from an old movie. The painting Whitney did of your Mom and Dad outside the house is just - well magic! It's retro looking and just so darn good. You should be bragging about her talents. She is a gifted artist. Does she intend to follow it up more? What became of your childhood home? Lovely post Cheri.

  4. Rose, I finally got my computer back and I hadn't lost anything so I had some pictures to choose from.
    The insurance paid replacement cost on most everything except one TV that had lost an HDMI port. They also did not replace my phone? Go figure. But I was so relieved to not lose anything on my computer and promptly did an external backup!
    Whitney has been painting for a long time now but it doesn't pay bills so she is going into Respiratory Therapy. I will have to post some other things she has done that I love. My childhood home is now being mowed down along with our dairy and all the barns so they can farm the land. Yes, it is heartbreaking because my have so many wonderful memories there. Thanks, Cheri

  5. Oh my (about the farm house)that is more than sad... :(
    Wonderful, wonderful news about the insurance!! 'Almost' a 100% great outcome!
    And I can only but imagine your relief at not losing anything on the computer.
    Can't wait to see some more of Whitneys paintings.
    Fond wishes Rose

  6. How lovely and so rightly proud you are.

    That red/pink car is just how I remember old American cars.