Thursday, February 23, 2012

Caregiving 101

When my husband talks somewhere he always lets the audience asks questions and he always tells them that there is not anything he will not be willing to discuss. Since I haven’t had a caregiving post in a while I thought this was a good time to do one . This particular post is how we do our showers around here. When you have someone who is a quadriplegic it is a little tricky. A lot of people in wheelchairs have use of their upper body, but my husband does not, so sitting in a shower chair is not possible. We have to use a trolley, and while we were in Houston we found out what they were and I purchased one on ebay. Here is a photo of what our trolley looks like.

Dennis was having rehab in Houston we had some amazing friends, church family and just willing participants come over and help reconstruct my shower that is in our bedroom. They took a wall out and made it where we can roll the trolley in. They also took out our carpet and put wood floors and painted my plum walls to a calming sage green.

 We were and are blessed with so many friends and wonderful people in our lifes.

P.S.  I forgot to mention that some other family members like the trolley also!


  1. Seeing the trolley, and the adaptations you have had to make in your house, really brings home how much we take for granted in our lives.
    Your dog is funny! They do choose the strangest places to sleep.

  2. I can't possibly say it any better than Tracey - and how blessed you are to have such amazing friends and wonderful family.
    PS - I just love the collage of pics in your header.

  3. Rose and Tracey, we do have amazing friends and family and community friends. God blessed us.

  4. Thank you for sharing your brave story. I am really humbled by and can only imagine what you both must have gone though.

    A mentor of mine became a quadriplegic after a bout of meningitis. I visited him at the hospital in New Jersey and was profoundly moved by his experience.

    I wish you and your husband all the very best.

  5. Dear Cheri, isn't Kitty a love? Oh, I really just dropped by to give you a quick thankyou for your comment at my place and have left you a rather long response (back over there!)
    The other thing, is I don't (think) I've ever told you that I think Deacon and Toby are just adorable. I'm a sucker for a pretty dog-face!
    Also hope things are going your way over the insurance.......Rose

  6. How wonderful, that must make a fantastic difference.