Thursday, February 9, 2012

Citizen of the Year

Monday night my husband was awarded the Citizen of the Year award at the Fairview Chamber of Commerce banquet.  I know I'm a little prejudice but I believe Dennis was a great choice for the award although I know there are many more that are just as deserving.  Max, Dennis's best friend gave the introduction speech about what all Dennis had done before his accident, and what he does now since the accident.  It was a great night with really great friends and family to support us.  Dennis is a reminder to all of us that God has a plan for everyone no matter what your circumstances are and that you will be blessed when you are obedient and carry out those plans that are laid down before you.  Max told of the things Dennis has done, but I know of many other reasons that I think he is a great citizen, reasons most people don't ever hear about and he doesn't tell. He gives generously to people who are in need and he is always looking for people to help.  He is a great prayer warrior and when he tells you he will pray for you he means he will pray diligently and daily. He has become the most patient man (and not by choice).  To me he is the model citizen of the year, this year and every year.


  1. That's really cool! What a special night for Dennis and you!

  2. Oh Cheri, what wonderful news, congrats to Dennis and what a wonderful night with family and special friends.
    formerly (Rose from Oz)

  3. Congratulations to Dennis, and very well deserved.
    I often think about the two of you. I actually find Dennis very inspiring, his faith to follow God's plan, and to get out there and still help others. There aren't many people as selfless as him.

  4. Congratulations, how wonderful for Dennis I know he deserved it.