Saturday, February 4, 2012


We finally got some rain.  With that rain comes lightening and thunder.  With lightening comes lightening strikes and guess whose house it hit?  So I have no T.V.  No brand new computer :( (the phone lines were out for awhile and it got one phone and a direct TV box.)  My whiz of a computer tech/sister-in -law, Terri, is coming over to hopefully do her magic on my computer.  Say a prayer and yes, God cares about the little things in our life.  None of Dennis's medical equipment got damaged, thank the Lord, and hopefully our insurance will take care of us.  But WE GOT RAIN!!!


  1. Oh no, how annoying! I will pray that things are quickly sorted out for you. I am so glad none of the medical equipment was affected.
    We are just awaiting the threatened snow.

  2. Thank the Lord that Dennis's med equipment wasn't affected. Oh my - how you could have done without a strike!!! Would like an update on how Terri went with the comp and how obliging your insurance co. was. All the best. Rose from Oz - (Rose)