Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I am not very sentimental about a lot of things.  My daughter on the other hand is sentimental about everything.  When she was a toddler we sold our first couch to some college boys and when they came to pick it up she cried and cried.  When we sold our first house and moved to a bigger and better house she also cried.  She would go visit her old house and Lena would let her in and let her look around.  There is one thing I am very sentimental about, and that is the house I grew up in.  It was an old farmhouse and there were eight of us when my mom and dad married and the two families combined.  It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  The upstairs had no heat so we all had electric blankets and ran upstairs and jumped in bed at night.  In the morning we grabbed our clothes and ran downstairs to get dressed by the propane heater.  We had one bathroom and there was absolutely no privacy, there wasn't time when we are all trying to get ready for school.   It was a huge deal when daddy finally bought some window unit air conditioners to put in the 3 bedrooms upstairs.  No more box fans and open windows!  We sometimes would even sleep outside if it was really hot.  My sister and I shared a bedroom and on her side were Davy Jones posters and on my side were Paul McCartney posters.    My 4 brothers had bunk beds and a full sized bed in one tiny bedroom and then my mom and dads room. We had a dairy on the south end and we raised pigs on the north side.  We had some sheep and we raised some chickens and we always had friends out on every weekend.  I asked mom why she let all of us bring kids home and she said what's a few more!  Our friends would always run either through the washing machine backwater or the sewer because we had well water and everything was open.  We would take the hay bales in the barn and build forts, we would sit in the bucket of the tractor and drive to the pond or creek!  I don't know how we all survived but we did.  Here are some pictures of what used to be.  That is the old red barn in the background that leaned and if we were caught playing in there we were in trouble.  Of course we did, but we never got caught.  That is me in high school ( 30 some years ago) with my heifer, Cassy.  I was walking her so she would get use to me showing her at the stock show. 
I have shown this photo before of my mom and dad in front of the house.  My bedroom is in the front and upstairs.  If you look real close there is a bird nest between the glass  of the window panes.
This is what the home place looked like a few years ago when Dennis and I stopped in.  I went to see if the door was locked and it wasn't so I walked around and it made my heart hurt.
Most of the barns had fallen down but the house and dairy were still there.  This is what it looked like a few months ago.  This is where are dairy was and there was a long row of trees and a path where the cows would come down to be milked twice a day.
 They have leveled all the pecan trees and the old barns and the siding is coming off the house.

All the trees and corrals and the barns are gone except for a little bit of tin.  There were so many trees there it was always shaded no matter where you walked.  Yes, I cried, there were a lot of really great memories and fun times there.  I wish someone had told me that these were some of the best days of our lives and to enjoy them.  We probably would have laughed. .....

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writer's Block

I try to do at least one out of four of my blog posts a caregiving blog since that is what this started out to be. Some days I can think of a million things to post and some days things are too close to my heart to put into print. Some days I feel like I'm whining and the list goes on and on. Sometimes it's just to hard, period. I was sitting in my patio thinking I needed to post something and Dennis was on his computer when we had this little visitor come visit. So I grabbed my camera and he didn't seem to mind me taking his picture, in fact I think he posed a little!

Matthew 6:26
Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For Rose

My blogger friend Rose who lives in Australia wanted me to post more pictures of my trip to Paris so here you go Rose.  Just remember I had a really bad camera at the time!
I took this from the bus that picked us up at the train station.  We had rode the night train from Arles.( An experience all in itself)  I can remember thinking, someone pinch me because I am looking at the Eiffel Tower!
The next stop was the Arc De Triomphe.  It was fascinating to watch the traffic whirl around this monument and getting on and getting off the circle.  But I could only keep thinking, the Champs Elysees is that way!
This is my daughter Whitney and my friend Cathy's daughter Megan in front of the ferris wheel.  In the Place de la Condcorde.
Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

Notre Dame was my first experience with people wanting to scam us for money.  I was very naive!

At the Louvre where we definitely did not have enough time.  We carefully

 mapped out what we wanted to see and literally ran from one exhibit to the next.
The gardens at Versailles.  The Hall of mirrors was unbelievable. 
So there are some more photos Rose, maybe next I will show you Amsterdam or Monte Carlo!

Monday, March 19, 2012


If you look at my blog list, I follow a lot of blogs that are in Paris.  I got to visit there once and the city is now an obsession of mine .  I did not get to stay long enough and we had to hurriedly hit the high points of interest and also be very selective about how long we stayed at one place or another.  One evening we had went to the top of the Eiffel Tower and we came down at dusk and then we went to Montmartre.
 This was one of  the most magical nights of my life.  We went to Place du Tertre, where all the artists gather to sell the paintings or draw caricatures. My daughter and I bought a painting each to bring home, but it took us forever to decide on the one we wanted because they are all so beautiful and different.  The square is so full of energy and the excitement and it is a night I will never forget.  This picture was a dear friend of mine, Cathy and I sitting on the steps of the Sacre' Couer watching the flame throwers and looking at the Eiffel Tower twinkling in the distance.  Great memories....

Monday, March 12, 2012

Caregiving 101

My husband went a few years without any hands free devices and it is very frustrating to have to have someone help you change the channel or turn pages on a book, etc.  We finally got some devices that help him in that area and it really changes a person life with just that little bit of independence and freedom.  We had a channel changer that he had to say a word and then give the channelhe wanted to go to.  Through the Department of Rehabilative Services he has aquired a computer.  It has a dragon naturally speaking program on it so it is voice activated where he can dictate.  It also has a program called magic cursor that is like a mouse.  He wears a cap which has these dots on the cap and then little ball on his computer screen picks it up and allows it to act like a mouse pointer. He just points the dot and it clicks on the screen.

It has been a game changer! The other little ball on the computer screen is his wecam so he can Skype.   We thank God every day for the new equipement and programs that we have access to. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toby, the bird Killer

This is my dog Toby, he was a rescue dog.  He lived at a puppy kennel until he was 7 months old and one day my mom was looking online and she found him.  The description  said he was not a pretty color for a poodle and he was getting at the age where no one would buy him. They were going to have to do something to him and I didn't want to know what that something was.  Toby is a weird little dog and it took him many months to cozy up to anyone  Still after 4 years he is a bit skeptical even though we shower him with love and smooch him to death.  He will let you for a minute and then he wants down.  You could tell he was not treated well.   He also does not like cameras and he runs when I get mine, so I never have a good picture of him.  The picture above is through the dining room window.   When I get my camera he runs out the back door and then looks in the window to see if the coast is clear.

He likes to sleep like this ..... 
or like this..............................

He also wants to live next door at Sandy and Jason's!  He is looking to see if I have the camera.

His favorite pastimes is chasing these....
and these...........................

Well yesterday my mom went to the store and she forgot to shut her door, so Toby thought he would leave her a gift for when she came home.  He is now called Toby the bird killer.  Needless to say my mom was very surprised and not very happy!

Poor little bird! 

Who me???