Monday, March 12, 2012

Caregiving 101

My husband went a few years without any hands free devices and it is very frustrating to have to have someone help you change the channel or turn pages on a book, etc.  We finally got some devices that help him in that area and it really changes a person life with just that little bit of independence and freedom.  We had a channel changer that he had to say a word and then give the channelhe wanted to go to.  Through the Department of Rehabilative Services he has aquired a computer.  It has a dragon naturally speaking program on it so it is voice activated where he can dictate.  It also has a program called magic cursor that is like a mouse.  He wears a cap which has these dots on the cap and then little ball on his computer screen picks it up and allows it to act like a mouse pointer. He just points the dot and it clicks on the screen.

It has been a game changer! The other little ball on the computer screen is his wecam so he can Skype.   We thank God every day for the new equipement and programs that we have access to. 


  1. Golden Awards to those technological geniuses who have changed the world for so many people and how those people enjoy life. Thank God for making those clever people.
    I like Dennis's cap - cool!

  2. I can imagine it must make a huge difference to Dennis being able to do these things for himself. We live in a wonderful age, and technology is advancing all the time.

  3. Cheri I love that Dennis can get on his computer now, he has a great message and love his humor. I also have a little fun "poking" at him.

  4. Cheri-how good it is that Dennis can engage others with his computer--I have been catching up on some of your older posts as I lost the link until you visited my blog--Love Toby, kind of funny how dogs think that squirrels were made for them to chase..Keep up your fantastic blog and your terrific work-You and Dennis are great people..

  5. It's amazing now the difference these devices must make. The difference between taking part in life or not I guess.

    I can give my radio etc voice instructions in the car these days and after this post I will be thinking of Dennis every time I use it.For me it is just a game, for Dennis (and you) a necessity.

    Happy Easter.