Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For Rose

My blogger friend Rose who lives in Australia wanted me to post more pictures of my trip to Paris so here you go Rose.  Just remember I had a really bad camera at the time!
I took this from the bus that picked us up at the train station.  We had rode the night train from Arles.( An experience all in itself)  I can remember thinking, someone pinch me because I am looking at the Eiffel Tower!
The next stop was the Arc De Triomphe.  It was fascinating to watch the traffic whirl around this monument and getting on and getting off the circle.  But I could only keep thinking, the Champs Elysees is that way!
This is my daughter Whitney and my friend Cathy's daughter Megan in front of the ferris wheel.  In the Place de la Condcorde.
Sacre Coeur in Montmartre.

Notre Dame was my first experience with people wanting to scam us for money.  I was very naive!

At the Louvre where we definitely did not have enough time.  We carefully

 mapped out what we wanted to see and literally ran from one exhibit to the next.
The gardens at Versailles.  The Hall of mirrors was unbelievable. 
So there are some more photos Rose, maybe next I will show you Amsterdam or Monte Carlo!


  1. Ah Cheri - when you click the [photos to enlarge - they are fabulous! and just think they are real.....I know the person who was there and experiencing it. WOW!!!!!!! I can just imagine how you couldn't possibly have enough time to do everything there. Are you kidding, you're going to take me to Amsterdam and Monte Carlo.....swoon, that's it, I've gone. to. heaven....... You are the sweetie of the year putting these up for "moi".(er, I think that's French for "me") Oh and that's a lovely new photo of Whitney in the side bar. (She is darn cute!)
    Thanks heaps and heaps
    Fond wishes
    Rose Oh, and how on earth??? did you get that hug Eiffel Tower in the background of the template. Magnificent!

  2. Paris is practically on our doorstep and I have never been! I think I need to rectify this.

  3. I too was wondering how she got the Eiffel Tower on the side, it looks great. We need to go and meet Rose and Tracey one day....wouldn't that be the greatest. Enjoyed the pictures Cheri even if they were for Rose, thanks for sharing Cheri & Rose