Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Toby, the bird Killer

This is my dog Toby, he was a rescue dog.  He lived at a puppy kennel until he was 7 months old and one day my mom was looking online and she found him.  The description  said he was not a pretty color for a poodle and he was getting at the age where no one would buy him. They were going to have to do something to him and I didn't want to know what that something was.  Toby is a weird little dog and it took him many months to cozy up to anyone  Still after 4 years he is a bit skeptical even though we shower him with love and smooch him to death.  He will let you for a minute and then he wants down.  You could tell he was not treated well.   He also does not like cameras and he runs when I get mine, so I never have a good picture of him.  The picture above is through the dining room window.   When I get my camera he runs out the back door and then looks in the window to see if the coast is clear.

He likes to sleep like this ..... 
or like this..............................

He also wants to live next door at Sandy and Jason's!  He is looking to see if I have the camera.

His favorite pastimes is chasing these....
and these...........................

Well yesterday my mom went to the store and she forgot to shut her door, so Toby thought he would leave her a gift for when she came home.  He is now called Toby the bird killer.  Needless to say my mom was very surprised and not very happy!

Poor little bird! 

Who me???


  1. Oh dear! I've had plenty of gifts from the cat, but none from the dogs fortunately.

  2. Those darn pet's...but your's is so darn cute.
    God bless you dear... I have two boy's 29 & 23 that our mine and still live at home, because they have MD. Life is full of challenge's.

  3. Gosh, he must be quick Cheri!! Dear little mite, he is sooo adorable.
    What do the experts know!? His colour is just g-org-e-ous.... :)