Monday, April 30, 2012

Driving Around...

My husband and I had a great weekend as we watch a boy, man we have known since grade school get married. He held a special place in our heart and we wouldn't have missed his wedding for anything in the world. Something we always took for granted before Dennis's accident was that when we had a function we gave ourself an hour or an hour and a half to get ready, well that is not the case when you are a quadriplegic. We have to know our plans when we get up in the morning. Dennis has to wear whatever he is going to wear that evening because it takes a lot to change clothes. Then we have to schedule meds and when to take them. Usually extra spasm medicine or extra low blood pressure medicine (it's always needed and was this evening). But we had a great time and got to visit with a lot of friends. The next day was Sunday and we were feeling kind of restless so we ran to Enid and came back through some little towns close to us. The first was Drummond which I had not been to since high school.

 We got there on Sunday so we don't know if someone won this bike or it's for next Saturday!

 This steeple was made out of tin or it looked like tin.
Then we drove on toward Ames and I had not been there since I played basketball in high school.  There is a memorial there and it is very interesting and beautiful.

 Then there is the Astrobleme museum.  This is what is said about the museum:
The Ames Astrobleme is one of the most unique geological features in the world because of its economic significance.
The meteorite impact occurred over 450 million years ago. This event was so catastrophic that it created a crater thousands of feet deep and 8 miles in diameter. The crater cannot be seen on the surface of the earth today because it was subsequently buried by 9,000 feet of sediment.
The crater remained unrecognized until 1991 when a prolific oil field was discovered.
The Ames Astrobleme is one of the most thoroughly studied impact craters on earth. Studies by astrogeologists reveal that if an impact occurs in a petroleum basin there is a 50% chance that the crater will contain commercial hydrocarbons. These craters provide an excellent structure for trapping oil and gas.

I loved the American Legion Post Building. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another new machine!

After 6 years of being in the caregiving business I thought I had seen it all, but about a month ago my husband came home from the wound doctor with a new machine.  Remember my post about the pressure sores that I posted and put the warning "not for the weak", well Dennis's pressure sores are doing great but they want to speed one up.  He started out with five and we are now down to two but the one on his heel they had a round table meeting of doctors and decided to use a machine to speed up the process.  Here is where I am going to insert a picture of the pressure sore so this is a WARNING!!

This pressure sore has gotten a lot better since this picture was taken.  So now they are putting on a vac machine.  It has some foam that you put on the wound and then tape on the leg.  It draws the capillaries to the top and then the wound will heal faster.  Great, I'm all for it.  My only question was why did we not do this 6 months ago?  I'm sure there is a reason but anyway here is a picture of the vac machine.
 The black stuff is a foam and its placed on the wound and taped to the leg.

This is the suction that keeps going 24/7.   They think we will be done in 4 weeks!  Sounds good to me since we have been at this since last April.  It's been a long year and Thank God and His everlasting faithfulness it's over. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

My backyard

The summer that my husband Dennis had his motorcycle wreck was an unusally hot summer.  While we were sitting in the hospital it was over the 100's almost every day.  When we finally went to Houston for rehab in August, it was in the 100 + teens.  So with people going in and out working on our house remodel and ADA upgrade, my yard got very little attention.  There were some who tried to help it, but it was just so hot that it was almost a lost cause .  We were very thankful for the ones who did try and keep it going, (we know who you are and you have our sincere thanks).  So now I want our backyard to by a haven for Dennis to go out and enjoy when the weather is nice. With SCI patients you can only tolerate about 75 degrees cold and not very hot.  They can not sweat below their injury level so your body can not take the heat.  Dennis's injury is very high so he can't take a lot of heat.   We used to go out in the courtyard at Houston and you could cut the humidity with a knife, it would almost take your breath away.  We would sit out there and feed the pigeons and be so homesick that we promised to never complain about home again.  On a good night we wouldn't hear gunshots (not kidding) or see the news helicopters circling above us(not kidding again), but we just wanted to go home.  We are not "city folk" and we longed for the easy laid back living of our little town.  So after about 6 years our back yard is finally getting back to normal.  It took a beating and it has taken awhile for it to come back. 

This week we had baby squirrels start to peek the heads and run around the squirrel house. We think there were 6 babies again. The momma took 4 of the babies across the high line and disappeared. She left 2 in the house and they are still there but she took them half way across the street and then came back. I don't want them to leave!!  This is the momma.

These are the last two babies
This is the momma and baby
She is making sure my dogs keep their distance. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


This blog is for some of my friends who do not live in the states and aren't well acquainted with our weather.  As much as I love living in my small town, there is one thing I do not like about Oklahoma.  Tornadoes!  They come in all sizes, shapes and forms and they are no respecter of persons.  They leave devastation in their wake and a lot of times fatalities.  Over the years we have developed the technology to determine when they are coming,.. sometimes...not always.  This is what was posted about two days before the Saturday the storms were suppose to hit.
I live where the arrow is pointing. 
They posted this as a life threatening weather alert! This is to get you nice and scared before the main event. Actually it's where you get prepared and make sure to have your plan in place when the time does occur.  And it does occur usually.  Last night was no exception, but we were spared and it hit about about 45 miles and 70 miles to our west.  They should have moved the dark red blob over to the left about a quarter inch.  About 35 to 40 miles west of us is the town of Waynoka and they were having their annual rattlesnake hunt. Yes, we live in rattlesnake country and every year they have a hunt in Waynoka and they give awards for the biggest and so on.  They had estimated about 7000 people visiting Waynoka.  They have a carnival and food booths etc.   My daddy was born and raised in Waynoka and only went hunting with his daddy once, that was enough for him.  This is the snake hunt.  I did not take these pictures as I  had enough of the snake hunt growing up as a little girl.

The "Den of Death"
This is the tornado that was coming for them.

Then right after this happened about 40 miles on west, this happened in Woodward, Oklahoma.

 This is where a trailer house used to be.

These are photos from the Woodward news. 

The line of storms went from Kansas down through Oklahoma and into Texas, so we were all going to get hit at some point.  Now going through this is tough enough, but with Dennis it gets a little tougher than usual.  If he is in his chair I wheel him into the cement shower and put a cycle helmet on him.  My mom can sit on the cellar stairs and I go on down into the cellar.  It is to steep for her to go all the way down.  But, the kicker is when we are in bed late at night.  Last night I decided my course of action would be to get Dennis from his bed in the shower trolley and roll that in the shower and put pillows and blankets on top of him.  It's very scary when everyone in your house is depending on you.  So we are getting one of these.

This house took a direct hit and the safe room was left standing.  The guy has already been out to look at our house!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 12, 1980

April 12 is Dennis and I's 32nd anniversary!  This is what we looked like when we met in the late 70's. Yes, we rocked! 
 This is my Oklahoma State college photo.

This is our engagement picture out of the paper.

This is the early 80's and newly married. We had just bought our first pontoon boat.
This is the late 80's as you can tell by my nice big  "Krystle Carrington" shoulder pads.  If you don't know who Krystle Carrington is google it!
This is mid 90's and yes I had red hair!

This is early 2000's at Grand Lake

This is 2005 on our bahama trip right before Dennis's accident.

I've posted all of these pictures because we have had a great life together and now our life may be different but that doesn't make it any less great. We have had to shift gears and go in a totally different direction but that's OK because we are still doing it together. Now we let God do the leading and we do the trusting and obeying. We could not have made this journey so far without God and I'm glad He let us have these years together no matter what the future holds.

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Greenin' up

Here in Oklahoma people like to say "It's greenin up around here". We have had a long dry spell and the rain we have had lately has been a welcome relief. It is very nice to see green anything. It is "greenin' up".    I decided to take a walk around my block but the day started our really foggy.  This is the baseball field behind my house.  As the day wore on the sun came out and it got clear.

I walked past the new toys in the City park.  These were not here when my daughter was growing up, as she points out every time she visits!
This is the new pool's big slide, also not here when Whitney was growing up. :)  We are very fortunate to have such a great park and pool for our children.
These photos are still in the park about a block from my house.  It looks way better than it did last summer.

This road takes you to my backyard.  These are some of the reasons I love living in our little town.
My husband was getting cabin fever so I took him on a drive and we decided to go down the road that leads to a little town called Homestead.  I love this little town, and I do mean little.

I took a picture of the canola fields that are really bright and pretty right now.  Right before this picture I hit a wild turkey with my van.  :(

It was a beautiful day for an outing.

Saturday, April 7, 2012


It's Easter and it always surprises me how many people come to church on that day.  The Easter and Christmas crowd.  Why is it we think we have to come to church on those two days?  I think it is mostly tradition,  but I also think Jesus wants us to be like him everyday so why are the churches crowded on Easter and Christmas and not so much the other Sundays of the  year?  I'm not one who thinks you have to go to church to be a Christian, but I do believe that God wants us to have fellowship one with another.  My church family have been very good to Dennis and I and it is nice to know that they are there for us if we need someone.  When we came home from spending 5 months in the hospital, we didn't have to make a meal for a month.  If I need something done around my yard or home, someone from the church or one of our friends are always here ready to help.  We are very thankful that God blesses us through those people.

 I took a couple of photos of my church when I was taking a class but I wish I would have gotten the stained glass at the end of the row because it is gorgeous.  It is Jesus knocking on a door.
I also took a picture of our cross in 3 different settings and I liked this one the best.
Luke 24:6
He is not here, but is risen!   
                                                           Have a Blessed Easter !!!!!