Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another new machine!

After 6 years of being in the caregiving business I thought I had seen it all, but about a month ago my husband came home from the wound doctor with a new machine.  Remember my post about the pressure sores that I posted and put the warning "not for the weak", well Dennis's pressure sores are doing great but they want to speed one up.  He started out with five and we are now down to two but the one on his heel they had a round table meeting of doctors and decided to use a machine to speed up the process.  Here is where I am going to insert a picture of the pressure sore so this is a WARNING!!

This pressure sore has gotten a lot better since this picture was taken.  So now they are putting on a vac machine.  It has some foam that you put on the wound and then tape on the leg.  It draws the capillaries to the top and then the wound will heal faster.  Great, I'm all for it.  My only question was why did we not do this 6 months ago?  I'm sure there is a reason but anyway here is a picture of the vac machine.
 The black stuff is a foam and its placed on the wound and taped to the leg.

This is the suction that keeps going 24/7.   They think we will be done in 4 weeks!  Sounds good to me since we have been at this since last April.  It's been a long year and Thank God and His everlasting faithfulness it's over. 


  1. God bless you and your husband. I pray he will be okay one day! :)

  2. Pressure sores seem to occur so quickly, yet they are a nightmare to treat. I have dressed many in my time! When I was working this system wasn't available, it looks like it is quite a leap forward in their treatment. I hope Dennis' sores heal soon.

  3. Pressure sores are no joke. I am praying for healing very soon! Thankful that you have the wound vac.

  4. Before meeting you and Dennis Cheri, I had little knowledge of the seriousness and difficulty in the treatment of pressure sores. I am grateful through you that I now have a good understanding. This is wonderful news that the machine is helping. Prayers for a speedy healing.