Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 12, 1980

April 12 is Dennis and I's 32nd anniversary!  This is what we looked like when we met in the late 70's. Yes, we rocked! 
 This is my Oklahoma State college photo.

This is our engagement picture out of the paper.

This is the early 80's and newly married. We had just bought our first pontoon boat.
This is the late 80's as you can tell by my nice big  "Krystle Carrington" shoulder pads.  If you don't know who Krystle Carrington is google it!
This is mid 90's and yes I had red hair!

This is early 2000's at Grand Lake

This is 2005 on our bahama trip right before Dennis's accident.

I've posted all of these pictures because we have had a great life together and now our life may be different but that doesn't make it any less great. We have had to shift gears and go in a totally different direction but that's OK because we are still doing it together. Now we let God do the leading and we do the trusting and obeying. We could not have made this journey so far without God and I'm glad He let us have these years together no matter what the future holds.


  1. Happy Anniversary, Dennis & Cheri!! What awesome memories in these pics, and I know that the Lord has very special things in store for you in the years ahead! You are a blessing and inspiration to all of us who follow your journey!! Velda

  2. I could not have worded it any more heart-felt than Velda, Congratulations Cheri and Dennis, may there be many many more beautiful memories to make. May we continue to share in your journey.
    (and nope I did not have to google Ms Carrington!) and, those shoulder pads were might-y impressive, but, I had bigger hair than you!
    Bless you both dear Cheri and Dennis

  3. Congratulations, and a very Happy Anniversary to you both. What a lovely collection of pics.
    What did we look like in the 80's, lol!

  4. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed the pictures!

  5. Happy Anniversary to 2 good friends. You have both been a great example of the way God wants a marriage to be. I love the pictures, the 80's....I think we all wish we could "burn' a few of those pictures. LOL Great post

  6. Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing the pictures! You both are amazing people that have been an inspiration to me! Have a blessed year ahead and many many more!!! :)

  7. Happy Anniversary! The fashion trends are chanting constantly, but you look stylish each time!

  8. One thing each picture had in common....The unmistakable look of love!!

  9. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary. That's a long time - I love those classic '70s photos. I look back at pictures of myself from that era and laugh!

  10. Beautiful photographs and what love and faith coming forth. glad you have these great happy memories.

  11. Nice vintage shots, thanks for sharing with us:)