Monday, April 30, 2012

Driving Around...

My husband and I had a great weekend as we watch a boy, man we have known since grade school get married. He held a special place in our heart and we wouldn't have missed his wedding for anything in the world. Something we always took for granted before Dennis's accident was that when we had a function we gave ourself an hour or an hour and a half to get ready, well that is not the case when you are a quadriplegic. We have to know our plans when we get up in the morning. Dennis has to wear whatever he is going to wear that evening because it takes a lot to change clothes. Then we have to schedule meds and when to take them. Usually extra spasm medicine or extra low blood pressure medicine (it's always needed and was this evening). But we had a great time and got to visit with a lot of friends. The next day was Sunday and we were feeling kind of restless so we ran to Enid and came back through some little towns close to us. The first was Drummond which I had not been to since high school.

 We got there on Sunday so we don't know if someone won this bike or it's for next Saturday!

 This steeple was made out of tin or it looked like tin.
Then we drove on toward Ames and I had not been there since I played basketball in high school.  There is a memorial there and it is very interesting and beautiful.

 Then there is the Astrobleme museum.  This is what is said about the museum:
The Ames Astrobleme is one of the most unique geological features in the world because of its economic significance.
The meteorite impact occurred over 450 million years ago. This event was so catastrophic that it created a crater thousands of feet deep and 8 miles in diameter. The crater cannot be seen on the surface of the earth today because it was subsequently buried by 9,000 feet of sediment.
The crater remained unrecognized until 1991 when a prolific oil field was discovered.
The Ames Astrobleme is one of the most thoroughly studied impact craters on earth. Studies by astrogeologists reveal that if an impact occurs in a petroleum basin there is a 50% chance that the crater will contain commercial hydrocarbons. These craters provide an excellent structure for trapping oil and gas.

I loved the American Legion Post Building. 


  1. I'm glad you had a good time at the wedding.
    The memorial is extremely beautiful, the image is simple, and yet it conveys a lot.
    The Ames Astrobleme is quite amazing.