Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter's Coming!

I will probably do a few Easter blogs since it is a special holiday to us.  This picture was taken as my husband and I sat in a McDonald's drive through.  Yes, I said McDonald's and yes we are closet McDonald's lovers!  This man was carrying a cross through town.  We don't know if it was across America or across Oklahoma, but he did walk down Owen K Garriott at the same time we were getting some burgers and fries!  It was very interesting to see this while in line at a drive through!
I took this with my phone so the photo didn't turn our great....  but I did manage a good shot of the quarter pounder and fries!


  1. I just lost my comment!!! Grr.
    Yes Easter is a special time. I wonder indeed how far that fellow was going.
    I just KNEW there was something further special between us - I TOO am a closet Maccas lover!! :) [Not my other half though :( ]
    There are no Maccas anywhere near me so its a real treat for me. Come on Townsville I"m headin' to the nearest one! Oh swoon, a Qrt Pounder!

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  3. That is called being at the right place at the right time. The cross not McDonalds. Good reminder about Easter.

  4. Wonderful picture. The things you see at McDonalds!

  5. Photos fine when viewed larger as I always do anyhow. The chips look good and such open spaces.