Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Greenin' up

Here in Oklahoma people like to say "It's greenin up around here". We have had a long dry spell and the rain we have had lately has been a welcome relief. It is very nice to see green anything. It is "greenin' up".    I decided to take a walk around my block but the day started our really foggy.  This is the baseball field behind my house.  As the day wore on the sun came out and it got clear.

I walked past the new toys in the City park.  These were not here when my daughter was growing up, as she points out every time she visits!
This is the new pool's big slide, also not here when Whitney was growing up. :)  We are very fortunate to have such a great park and pool for our children.
These photos are still in the park about a block from my house.  It looks way better than it did last summer.

This road takes you to my backyard.  These are some of the reasons I love living in our little town.
My husband was getting cabin fever so I took him on a drive and we decided to go down the road that leads to a little town called Homestead.  I love this little town, and I do mean little.

I took a picture of the canola fields that are really bright and pretty right now.  Right before this picture I hit a wild turkey with my van.  :(

It was a beautiful day for an outing.


  1. Great pictures, I have loved the canola fields. They are beautiful right now.

  2. Canola is known as rapeseed over here; your name for it sounds better!
    It is 'greenin' up' here after a weekend of rain, I am pleased to say.
    The City Park looks amazing. I bet there are hours of fun to be had there

  3. lovely pictures..I never saw canola fields before..thanks!!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. Those canola fields sure are a sight! The local park is just super, especially for children. Must have a good Council? And there's nothing like a drive out and about when cabin fever, did you stop at Maccas. You can get a great big soft serve ice-cream in a cone here for 50c......mmm.

  5. HaHa Rose, no we didn't get to stop at McD's. There isn't one around our town, we have to drive about 45 miles to the nearest one. Although we do have a Sonic. (you'll have to google it, lol)

  6. Welll, I did google Sonic and (forgot I had a volume up on the 'puter) and Sonic music blasted me back in my chair :))) You better go, they're offering half cuts on everything on Tax Day. wow, I don't know what Tax Day is.......but its sounds to me like it has a bite! hahahahaha

  7. Except for the wild turkey it sounds like a great day, beautiful photos. We need more rain before it'll start greenin' up around here!

  8. Beautiful photos. We just love small towns and rural areas. Hope you are missing the tornadoes going through the mid-West. Be safe.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  9. Hi Cheri,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I have been reading your blog here with a cup of coffee. I'm so sorry to read of your husband's accident. I hope that your blog can be a help to others...I am 54 too and have been married 31 years. We also love Mc Donald's...I look forward to visiting again...but I will take a pass on the snake hunt too. (o: