Sunday, April 15, 2012


This blog is for some of my friends who do not live in the states and aren't well acquainted with our weather.  As much as I love living in my small town, there is one thing I do not like about Oklahoma.  Tornadoes!  They come in all sizes, shapes and forms and they are no respecter of persons.  They leave devastation in their wake and a lot of times fatalities.  Over the years we have developed the technology to determine when they are coming,.. sometimes...not always.  This is what was posted about two days before the Saturday the storms were suppose to hit.
I live where the arrow is pointing. 
They posted this as a life threatening weather alert! This is to get you nice and scared before the main event. Actually it's where you get prepared and make sure to have your plan in place when the time does occur.  And it does occur usually.  Last night was no exception, but we were spared and it hit about about 45 miles and 70 miles to our west.  They should have moved the dark red blob over to the left about a quarter inch.  About 35 to 40 miles west of us is the town of Waynoka and they were having their annual rattlesnake hunt. Yes, we live in rattlesnake country and every year they have a hunt in Waynoka and they give awards for the biggest and so on.  They had estimated about 7000 people visiting Waynoka.  They have a carnival and food booths etc.   My daddy was born and raised in Waynoka and only went hunting with his daddy once, that was enough for him.  This is the snake hunt.  I did not take these pictures as I  had enough of the snake hunt growing up as a little girl.

The "Den of Death"
This is the tornado that was coming for them.

Then right after this happened about 40 miles on west, this happened in Woodward, Oklahoma.

 This is where a trailer house used to be.

These are photos from the Woodward news. 

The line of storms went from Kansas down through Oklahoma and into Texas, so we were all going to get hit at some point.  Now going through this is tough enough, but with Dennis it gets a little tougher than usual.  If he is in his chair I wheel him into the cement shower and put a cycle helmet on him.  My mom can sit on the cellar stairs and I go on down into the cellar.  It is to steep for her to go all the way down.  But, the kicker is when we are in bed late at night.  Last night I decided my course of action would be to get Dennis from his bed in the shower trolley and roll that in the shower and put pillows and blankets on top of him.  It's very scary when everyone in your house is depending on you.  So we are getting one of these.

This house took a direct hit and the safe room was left standing.  The guy has already been out to look at our house!


  1. I can only but imagine the terror of it all and for you the plans that have to be up your sleeve. We hear of them over here Cheri and sometimes get a news broadcast when one has hit, but its nothing, compared to be experiencing one. Just terrifying. And those snakes!!! :( The safe room that fellow had is amazing. Good to hear he's been to look at your place. You must keep us posted on this.

  2. I am glad you are getting a safe room. It is so difficult to imagine weather as extreme as this, and very distressing to hear about the fatalities.

  3. One tornado in Oklahoma on Saturday killed 6. They are very scary, and are to be taken seriously. I too am glad to hear you can get a safe room, it will give you all some peace of mind.

  4. Tornadoes are terrifying, we get several tornado warnings each summer where I live. But usually they're small tornadoes, not the monsters you get out there.

  5. so scarey!! oh my the whole nation was praying!

  6. We saw/heard all about Tornado in Oklahoma on news. Cannot imagine how scary it must be for anyone but in your circumstances can't imagine even more.

    Thanking God that you are all safe and prayers for those who were not.

  7. Forgot to mention the snakes - glad I don't have to do that.