Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just another a good way

Three years ago today we went to Cleveland, Ohio on a small plane with our best friend Max Carlisle.
My husband Dennis had been on a ventilator for 3 years and we decided to go see the doctor that had helped Christopher Reeves, I have blogged about him before.  His name is Dr. Onders and he has done wonders with the Diaphragmatic Pacemaker which I have also blogged about.  It is an alternative to a bulky ventilator and it has freed Dennis up tremendously. 

See the hose on the back of the chair?  It is connected to the vent , which is connected to the trach allowing Dennis to breathe.  We also had to have the tray on the bottom of the chair in back to set the vent on.  This is the diaphragmatic pacemaker.

The middle one is what we have and you hook it up surgically to Dennis (see the blog on Diaphragmatic pacemakers).  Now all the tubing and hoses and vent is gone.  The pacemaker is hooked up to your diaphragm and the settings help you breathe. 

We stayed in Cleveland 2 nights and came home sweet home.  So this anniversary date is a great one!


  1. Love that this number is a good one, it's amazing how far he has came.

  2. That must have been a very good day indeed!

  3. Also, Happy Mothers day Cheri! I admire you express your love to your family beautifully. How fortunate you and your family are!

  4. Amazing what can be done these days.