Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just when you thought you had learned everything....

I was having a particularly bad week at work and one evening I just wanted to get home and relax.  When I walked in the door I was greeted by my mom and my husband Dennis and they both said sit down,  remember we are more than conquerors in Christ.  Then it was followed by, now we have a plan... .  So I heard one sentence which was, Dennis has an infection that can't be cured by pill form.  It has to be an I.V. twice daily, 12 hours apart.  Well, I had heard this before and it usually was followed by. he has to go to the hospital.  So instead of listening to the rest I got up went to my bedroom and went to bed sobbing.  Here's the deal, I needed a good cry anyway and this just got it started.  After I had vented to my pillow I got up and Dennis's dad was here.  The plan was that Medicare will only cover the I.V's if we go to the hospital and spend 7 days there for the two I.V.s he would get daily.  Medicare would not cover the medicine or Home health coming to my house and administering it daily.  Makes absolutely no sense to me but I am not in charge of the government.  So if I wanted to pay for the medicine out of pocket or pray that my secondary insurance paid for it, I could do this myself.  it was a cheaper antibiotic so we opted for the out of pocket and stay at home.  If we go to the hospital Dennis always gets worse.  His wounds get worse, he looses weight and they don't get him up so he is not getting any movement.  It's uncomfortable and I have to drive back and forth to work.  This worked out really well although I was somewhat scared at first.  I am not a nurse, I just play one at home!

This is one of those times when my husband says that God has shown us favor.  Everything went well, we did not have to go to the hospital and my secondary insuranace did pay for the antibiotic.  So Thank You God for your favor and mercy!


  1. The Medicare system does not make sense at all, and it is just so unfair for people in yours and Dennis's situation. You both can do without such unnecessary complexities. Thank God the secondary insurance covered the antibiotic and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  2. I'm glad this worked out for you. It sounds like your system is as daft as ours can be at times. I agree with you wanting to avoid hospitals. You and Dennis know what works best for him.

  3. Don't you just love trying to make sense out of nonsense...that's insurance for you. Your a great wife and nurse....way to go

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier - glad to find your story as a result. I spent some time here reading a number of your posts. For those without faith, this could have been a heartbreaking, even depressing, story - not that your story doesn't have its share of sorrows - but you also share the hope that some day broken bodies will be restored.

    God bless you and Dennis and your family in your daily walk with each other and Him.

  5. So sorry about another infection but so glad it worked out the way you wanted it and the best way for Dennis. Prayers and Blessings.