Sunday, May 27, 2012

Roman Nose State Park

 I thought I would post some misc photos that I took one day when Dennis and I got bored and took a road trip.   We stopped by Roman Nose State Park in Watonga, Oklahoma.  Now I have relatives that have lived in and around Watonga so Roman Nose was never something that was a big deal to me. We had family reunions there and we swam there in the summer.Roman Nose used to have the   coolest rock swimming pool with a 12 foot rock dive.  It's no longer there due to safety issues.   My aunt Rubena worked at the lodge for many years and I even work there in the summer.  But, it is always amazing to me how many people come to visit . This is what wikipedia says about the park:
Roman Nose State Park is a state park located in Blaine County, north of Watonga, Oklahoma. The park opened in 1937 and was named after Chief Henry Roman Nose. Roman Nose State Park is one of the original seven Oklahoma state parks. Set amidst a beautiful canyon, recreation activities at this state park include an 18 hole golf course, swimming pools, hiking trails, two lakes, trout fishing in season, canoeing, paddle boats, mountain biking, horse stables and hayrides by reservation.
Group camps, picnic areas, tent campsites, and RV campsites with hookups are located throughout the park. The area also offers excellent opportunities for fall foliage and wildlife viewing. Teepee rentals are available in the summer months.

I was very happy to see they had a ADA ramp going down to the picnic area and Big Springs.  When it is cooler Dennis and I plan to go down there together since he can get his wheelchair down there.

They have natural springs it you follow a trail.

We drove down by the lake where the paddle boats are kept.

This is a view of the lake from the lodge.
 This is the front of the lodge and I can tell you it has changed a lot in the 35 years that I worked there
 Fun place to visit for a weekend or a day!





  1. I'm sure much has changed since you worked there....for instance Indians no longer live in the teepees. LOL I took Kyler here for some of his Sr pictures. It is a pretty park.

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  3. Really beautiful. Actually I like North American Nature in general.

  4. Great shots. Never heard of the place but may have to add it to our bucket list.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  5. It looks beautiful, Cheri, and right now that lake looks very inviting.

  6. Cheri! this was wonderful. Totally beautiful place. Loved your description and the photos. You amaze me with your experiences that come to light via your Blog. Keep them coming! xx