Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best friends now Blogger buddies

My BFF and I always go to Oklahoma City to have our annual checkup with our doctor.  We also use it as a day to go eating and shopping!  Well, about 6 months ago after much talking, I convinced her to start her own blog about country living and her craftiness and her insane OCD about organizing.  She did start the blog and she is very good at it.  So, as we were sitting at the table eating our awesome Italian dinner at Bravo in the big city, I whip out my point and shoot camera because I think I'm so smart.  But my new blogger friend/ BFF whips out her point and shoot also.  Hilarious..., when you start blogging you always have a camera close because there is always a story to tell.  We were teasing each other about who was going to get to blog about this first.  But I got the best photo of the day and it is of my friend making a horrible face, so I sent it to her via email and wrote " preview of the coming attractions!
In all seriousness this Italian restaurant was fab!  Their dinner salad was enough to make me happy, the best I have ever eaten. They chop up all the veggies really small and have a wonderful house creamy parmesen dressing.   We also had great bread and brick oven pizza.  I highly recommend eating there.

Going to the city and shopping with Jana is great therapy for me since I don't get to go very much.  This was the cherry on top of the sundae!  I  am saving the really awesome picture of Jana, I'm thinking someone has a monumental birthday coming up!


  1. This is more like a threat than a blog....just sayin'

  2. The food looks yummy! Give me Italian food and I am happy.
    I wish Jana could bring her cupboard organising OCD here for a few days, when she posted pics of her cupboards my jaw dropped. I didn't know it was possible to be that organised.
    I'm glad the two of you had so much fun.

  3. You two are the mostest! YUMMY food. That's what BF's do, go out together, talk together, do things together, eat together, cry together, laugh together and now-days BLOG together!

  4. Jana, it so is a threat! ha
    Rose, we have done all of that together. She knows all my secrets!!

  5. The food looks delicious and I can imagine what a great treat it must be for you to get break like this apart from the fun of meeting a blogger.

  6. My mouth is watteringgggg!!!!