Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 1

Sunday, July 8th
We were so excited to go and also a little wary. Last year Dennis was so sick and the whole trip was so sad that I really didn't think I had it in me to go again. We got up and packed and I got stung by a wasp. No worries... then as I was packing I slammed my head into the van door...I'm OK. Finally we start.  It was overcast and a light rain so the weather was perfect. ( Thank you God)   For 18 years we have been following this rig.  (It ususally has a boat on it also)  The stand up jet ski on the right used to belong to my husband Dennis and he put in many a fun hour on that machine. 

For 18 years we have stopped at the halfway point which is a McDonalds on highway 412.  Many times we would see people that we know and many pranks have been pulled in there.  One year my husband brought a fart machine and stood in line behind my good friend Debbie and preceded to rip a few.  and they were loud....
One of the sights I love seeing while traveling to Grand Lake is Keystone Lake.  My mom and dad used to camp there and I love going across that bridge and seeing how beautiful the lake is.  It was very pretty the day we drove over.

Then we hit Tulsa.  Now, for 15 of these years I never had to drive and I do not like driving through Tulsa.  I'm an Oklahoma City girl and Tulsa just confuses me.  I did end up in Catoosa last year, I did not this year!
this is the Hard Rock Casino on the east side on Tulsa.  Catoosa is not very far from there, I know this....

I took all these pictures with my small Kodak point and shoot camera without even looking through the view finder cause I didn't want to wreck!!

Anyway, we got to our destination and we felt like we were home again.  I'll post pictures soon.


  1. After a wasp sting and a trapped hand, surely things can only get better! Crossing the lake looks beautiful. Don't you find when you have done a journey as a passenger, and it doesn't matter how many times, when you are the driver things suddenly become unfamiliar!

  2. Yaaaaaaa, you have made it there and now the fun will get even better, I have faith. Enjoy yourselves!!!

  3. Praying for a very special time for you all and that you will get home refreshed somewhat. Blessings.

  4. After what you've been through Cheri a bee sting and a bump on the head would seem like a piece of cake as they say. It sounds like you had a wonderful drive on a well traveled journey..I'm now heading up to read about your first day..