Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dead Flowers....I give up!

My English and Australian blogger friends are posting about their beautiful gardens!  (You know who you are Tracey, Barbara and Rose!)  They do have the most beautiful lush gardens and they have had so much rain it has almost had the opposite effect than the heat.  Well, I thought I would share my lovely garden.  Try not to be jealous girls.

                                                   My gerbera daisies.
                                                My poor Hosta
                                                      My Shasta Daisies
                                                          My Clematis
I still have a lot of flowers that are OK, the ones that are heat tolerant, these just bit the dust.  My water bill is going to be so high so I am going to have to GIVE UP!!!  I think next year I will plant cactus.


  1. Oh dear! I must remember not to complain about all the rain again, because apart from rotting some young lavender plants, it hasn't actually killed anything.

  2. Here in Tulsa it is water daily or die.

  3. LOLOL The reality of Oklahoma. I can so relate to this

  4. Oh my goodness, that heat is a killer! Here in summer it hits the 40's (er C not F) I'm not smart enough to convert that. And, I lost a HEAP of plants the summer before last. It hit 45 degrees and its a dry heat, is it a dry or wet heat over your way - dry I think? Anyway it's sad losing plants, they put up such an effort to stay alive :(

  5. Oh I've definitely seen sights like this in my own garden now and then Cheri, the searing temps make it really difficult at times.

  6. Hahahahahahahaha I understand where you are coming from. I have been getting up in the wee hours of the morning to water my flowers. Good luck with your garden.

  7. I gave up too. My gardens are horrible. Today I cut back everything...dried up hostas, brown ferns, daisies dead on the stalk. Cactus? Great idea!

  8. Climate makes such a difference and it is always such hard work trying to grow something that does not suit the climate.

    We complain about our rain but it is what helps make our beautiful and lush gardens. The rest is trial and error and hard work and patience. We do not have water meters though some do but in a dry spell like earlier in the year there were hosepipe bans in place. Not now!!!!!