Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Grand Lake Day 3

Day 3 was beautiful!
Our cabins are from the 1950's and remind me of the cabins in the Dirty Dancing movie.  But the owner of Honey Creek Resort has treated us very well for 20 years and when his dock collapsed 2 yrs ago he built the walk way so Dennis could drive the wheel chair down to the dock.  It's not the fanciest but it's the friendliest.
This has been our cabin for many years!
This particular evening we had a big cookout and birthday party for our friends grandson Preston, and this is what the chef whipped up for us to eat.

More about this delicious meal in my next post!  We didn't eat better than this anywhere in Grove...


  1. That looks like such a pretty spot, I could really use a few days there with absolutely nothing to do.

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  3. Wow, gorgeous spot, gorgeous hosts, gorgeous friends and gorgeous food!
    Sounds like a great recipe!

  4. Thoughtful owners are what make us return to places again and again. It does look lovely.