Monday, July 30, 2012


It's so hot here that all we do is sit around and complain about how hot it is.  I quit watering because after you water it's dried up in about 15 minutes.  My squirrels however do appreciate the watering.  They lay in the cooled off dirt all day long, with Ronald by their side!

So Dennis and I drove to our the lake.  Canton Lake is about 20 miles from our house and we all grew up there and our children grew up there. We spent every weekend there along with our friends for 25 years or so.  We had to sell our pontoon boat when Dennis had his accident and we were getting old enough that is was starting to be work!  But we have great memories!

This last picture is where the tornado went across the lake and landed on that beach.  The trees are stripped bare.
 Here is our seven day forecast for the next week.................


  1. Pretty lake. I bet you have many wonderful memories there. I would advise you to stop pulling up the forecast!

  2. Best regards from Paris where the weather is cooler...


  3. What a great lake, but that is far too hot for me. My city had its hottest day ever this year, 101, but it was only 92 at my house that day as we're higher up.

  4. The heat was on my mind when I did a post as well. I'm sick of it and also would like some rain.....someday

  5. Oooh such heat and lack of rain - nasty mix. Last summer here it kind of passed us by (very mild) but the one before the temps hovered at 105 for weeks and then skyrocketed to 113 for several days. And now as I type I sit near a roaring fire. Big frosts this morning.
    The lake looks beautiful,(indeed such wonderful memories)but those awful tornedos are so destructive.

  6. The lake looks so inviting Cheri, amazing shot of the effects of the tornado, mother nature sure can unleash her fury at times. Oh my that is a very uncomfortable week ahead for you, believe me I do know what it feels like. I hope you find ways to keep cool, I'm sure you will.

  7. I do feel for you with temperatures like that. The lake does look refreshing. Hope it cools down soon.