Tuesday, August 14, 2012


When I posted the blog about Dennis and his computer a lot of people seemed interested about the dragon naturally speaking program.  It is a hands free program that is awesome to use for anyone, but especially for people who can not use their hands.  When you install the program it will give you a series of stories to read and get the computer trained to recognize you voice.  You can also set up commands like "password"  and it will type your password so you don't have to type it in.  He can say go to email and it will take him to his email.  Like all programs there are glitches and this one is no exception but the rewards far out weigh the bad.  He also has a program, called "Magic Cursor" and it is like a mouse.  He has little dots that you can wear on your forehead. cap or glasses and you hover over an icon or letter and it will click like a mouse.  It's an awesome program to have.  Here is a picture of Dennis with the dot on his cap. We put the dot on a clippie and clipped it to his cap or visor.
That little dot moves a dot on the screen and works just like a mouse.  When you stay on the icon for a second it clicks.
Dennis can now Skype, email, facebook  and  now he does his own blog.  I love technology!


  1. I too love that not only can Dennis get on his computer but that he does and has so much to offer, if only he had a better sense of humor it would help.

    1. I have been trying to work on that. If only he was more like you and I!

  2. It is brilliant that this kind of technology is available, and who knows what else may happen in the future.

  3. Ain't technology just grand! I oft wonder just 'who' invents these marvellous creations and if they ever receive recognition. :)

  4. Popped over to Dennis's blog to tell him what an awesome inspiration he is.

  5. Wonderful; Dennis! I am so glad you can have this technology!