Thursday, August 30, 2012


The weather is getting good enough and cool enough where Dennis and I can go outside in the evenings again.  We love to sit on the deck and talk and then do our devotions.  There is not a better place on earth to read and meditate than in your yard.
We have our favorite devotional books to read out of and some we have read and put up for awhile and then get them out again later.  I love Max Lucado and Joyce Meyer, they speak to me.  I'm sure everyone has their favoite and I would love to hear them!
Much Love, Cheri


  1. The sky looks stunning in that first picture. What a glorious backdrop for your devotions.

  2. Thats wonderful its cooling down Cheri - you've had a wicked summer! Its the first day of spring here today and shaping up to be a gorgeous one!!

  3. Yes, this weekend I will read an essay written by a Brazilian named Paulo Coelho and am looking forward to it. Have a nice weekend Cheri!