Friday, August 3, 2012

Little House on the Prairie part 2

So I showed you the outside of the sod house so we will go to the inside.  This is the kitchen and dining room !  It is the original stove that was in the house.

Next is the bedroom and piano room and eating or whatever room.

There is only two rooms and I can not imagine raising a family in this house.  God knew when to put me on this earth!  Next post I will take you outside to look at the farm equipment.


  1. It is amazing, now people have closets bigger than this house

    1. I know and where did they keep their clothes?

  2. Now that's the epitome of "cozy". How beautifully maintained and kept.

  3. Saw an old cottage with just one room for everything while away last week. There were stairs up into a loft area though. Will post eventually.

    Yours looks different , much more modern.

  4. I think we have more than that in our loft. I'm not sure that is such a good thing either!

  5. I think it is great! As I told you before, I used to go to the villages in Mexico and a lot of their houses are made of sod; the walls are not as wide as this one but they are at least 2 feet wide; awesome cooling devises.