Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Little House on the prairie part 3 (and last)

After I walked through the inside of the building I went to the outside of the building where they kept the machinery. I knew what some of the machines were but not all.

 I love that there is a statue of a horse in the middle of all the stuff!!!

I do not know what this is can someone enlighten me??

So that is the end of the sod house tour.  I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting it actually was.  It is funny how when you grow older these things take on new meaning because when I was a little girl I thought this was the most boring thing ever!


  1. It was a nice tour through the little house on te prairie. My daughter consumed the books with the same name when she was young. Your are right with your last quote, when you are older you see things more in perspective and like the histories behind stories.

  2. My younger self would be horrified by how I turned out! I hope you find out what the unknown machine is, because it looks intriguing.

  3. I think we have to reach a certain age before things of the past become really interesting.

  4. What a wonderful showcase of old stuff!