Saturday, August 18, 2012

More of Nice, France

For my vintage weekly post this week I did a couple more pictures of Nice, France.  I think this place holds a special place in my heart because it was the first city I touched down in when we went to Europe.  I got off of the plane and had to pinch myself.  It is a beautiful little city with an oldtown that is gorgeous.  This is the place we stayed while we were there.  Not the most posh but defintely affordable.
The first thing we did was walk from our Hotel to the ocean.  I'm sure you could see we were tourists  from a mile away but I didn't care I was so happy!


  1. I can just feel the excitement you were feeling :)

  2. I was in Nice many years ago myself, and it is a delightful city, full of charm and nice people. There is a nice blog from Nice called "Chronicles from the shore" run by Malyss. You will love it.

  3. I can tell you loved it there.....memories are great to have

  4. So great you made these visits while you were able to and can now relive the memories.

  5. We went to Nice last year on a Cruise and the weather wasn't all that great, so we didn't get a good impression of the City. Although I am sure it's very nice, I liked seeing the Medieval Village of Eze though, and I still like Monte Carlo best.

    1. I have pictures of Eze coming up but I loved Ville-Franche!

  6. is so true that this first European City you visit, becomes a favorite. For me it was Paris...happened to be my 21st birthday....hmmm that was a while ago! I too love Eze!