Tuesday, August 28, 2012


This last week has been tough and joyful all at the same time.  One of my best friends daughter got married this week and she was the most stunning bride.  We had a storm on the evening of the wedding and the electricity had gone out at the church, but 10 minutes before she walked down the aisle the electricity came on.  My husband said, "God is winking at us."  The ceremony and celebration after was a joyous event and everything was beautiful and perfect, except for one thing.  My friend whose daughter was getting married was not in attendence because cancer had taken her life a few years ago.  My other good friend took over the role that she had promised and made this the most perfect wedding I have ever seen.  I know Cathy would have been so proud and happy.  Sometimes things that are joyous and beautiful can also be bittersweet.
                                                   The beautiful church
                                                            The happy couple.
                                                  My family!


  1. God is winking at us. LOVE THAT!

  2. I remember Cathy, in things you have said and in the older holiday photos. She was lovely and so, so special to you. Yes, a bittersweet occasion Cheri, but am so happy for all of you that it was a joyous and wonderful wedding. Bride was stunning and the lights came on - God is kind!

  3. Indeed a bittersweet celebration, but everybody helped to make it a beautiful day for the new wedded couple. The picture of you three is so nice.

  4. Lovely family picture and yes I understand the bitter sweet.
    My nephew got married and his Dad had been taken into Hospice the day before. Fortunately he lived long enough to see a video.

    Interesting to see the Prairie Dogs - first time.

  5. That would indeed feel bittersweet, but it sounds like a very happy occasion anyway. I'm giving away my daughter in marriage this December.

  6. Sad indeed, but your friend would have been there in spirit for sure. You have a very lovely family Cheri.