Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oakwood, OK

Oakwood, Oklahoma is the town where my mom was born.  It used to be a railroad town but now it has dried up to pretty much nothing.  My mom was born in a house on main street and it is not there anymore but I will show you the main street of Oakwood.
My Uncle Doyle had the gtocery store but the building is not even there any more.  The cafe is still there (not working)  and my mom actually lived in this building at one time.
This is the drugstore where my mom and her friends would go and drink a soda.

This is where the school used to stand, they tore it down some years ago.
Behind all the overgrown brush you can barely see a small shack in the dense covering.  That was my grandpa and grandma Roberts house.
This old corvair was wasting away in someones yard. 
This old house had been empty a long time.
But, on a good note they have a feed store and a cafe/bar.

One last shot of main street.  This town only had 72 people in the 2000 cencus taken.  I'm pretty sure it's less now.
Now, this sign made Dennis and I laugh.  If you love this town and want to come back for vacation we have an RV park!
So much of my family history comes from this poor little town and it makes me sad to see it about gone.  We had many a Christmas's here and almost all of my aunts and uncles were born here. Most of my family is buried here so I guess we have to rely on our memories.  Much love, Cheri



  1. I hate to see small towns dying out. I don't think I have ever been to Oakwood, nice post

  2. Gosh this very thing is happening more and more everywhere. And it is sad, very sad. That dying little town was once teaming with energy and people and dreams. (and for you so much of your family history). The drugstore where your Ma would go for soda almost did me in. :(
    Cheri, what was the industry that once kept Oakwood thriving?

    1. It was a railroad town. It is rumored that the gangster Pretty Boy Floyd came through town.

  3. That sign suggests they are eternal optimists. Who knows, this blog post might promote the town!
    It is sad though to see these small towns disappearing. How far would it be from the nearest big town?

  4. Tracey it is about an hour and 45 minutes from Oklahoma City.

  5. Cheri,
    my husband Melvin went to school at Oakwood..I went to a couple of reunions with him many years ago...lots of nice people from there!!!

  6. Gosh a real ghost town. Very interesting to see but how sad to see too.

  7. That is so sad to see those villages become so dilapidated and slowly disappear.

  8. So many memories boarded up in those old buildings. I agree with is both interesting and sad.