Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Oklahoma Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys

I'm sure I have shocked some people by the title of my blog being an OSU Cowboy fan. Trust me this is the only time you will see the OU fight song on my blog. The reason is this time of year always makes me a little melancholy because this was my daddy's absolute favorite season...the start of football season! To daddy there were only two seasons, the start of football and the end of football and he went into depression at the end of the football. His two favorite teams, you guessed it, the OU Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys. 

He was their number one fanatic fan. So when the air starts getting a little cooler and we start putting on our hoodies, I start getting a little sad thinking about how much daddy loved this time of year and how much we all miss him.  This is a picture of my Uncle Devere on the left and daddy on the right at the Dallas Cowboy training camp. 
 When I went off to collage I went to Oklahoma State and he gave me some grief, but I think he even came to like the OSU Cowboys in the end.
 GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Aw funny and poignantly sweet post Cheri!

  2. A nice and sweet tribute to your father. I like your new header with the stunning photo.

  3. You have some great memories of your Dad Cheri, funny my sisters and I were only just saying tonight that it has been 18 yrs since my Dad passed away, can't believe it's been so long.

  4. As and Oklahoma native, former OSU student, and OU alumni I am a fan of both schools...until they play each other. Then, you would find me in the stands next to your dad. I've always been a Cowboy fan as well, even though it's been more difficult to do since Jerry took the reigns. It is the season to be jolly...BOOMER! Sooner! Sorry, I had to do that.

  5. Is there a place in Oklahoma that puts in diaphragmatic pacemakers that you could recommend? My 22 yr old son is on a vent and we are interested in a pacemaker!

    1. I kinow they were trying to get OU medical ready to do that when my husband was at Cleveland. You could get your doctor to give them a call.