Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Dennis and I took a drive to see if the trees had turned yet and I think we were a little early....but almost.  We drove to Roman Nose State Park and the trees were beginning to change but not quite yet.
There is a bush that is red in color and it is beautiful, it is growing up the inside of this tree.

 And my little Maple tree is changing every day.
In honor of Fall I decided to actually get the sewing machine out that I purchased on ebay and try my hand at learning to sew.  It took me a month to figure out how to fill a bobbin and another month to thread my machine, but now I can actually sew and I did this pillow for my first ever project.  I think a little more stuffing and it will be done.  By the way it's a leaf pillow made out of place settings!
And look who let me take his picture!  Happy Autumn .....Cheri



  1. I can't sew, only glue. Nice pillow, I'm impressed.

  2. Wow, he actually posed!!
    If that's your very first sewing project, it's pretty jolly good!! There'll be no stopping you now.
    Ah that hint of autumn colour is teasing,can't wait for follow-up pics!

  3. Very pretty photos, I love that leaf cushion. And your dog actually posed for you!

    Yes, those aspen trees in my recent photo have been carved on, unfortunately.

  4. I see that you are somewhat behind us, autumn-wise :-)
    But you have something to look forward too. Envy you that pillow!

  5. About the same here - just not quite turned yet.

    Very impressed at you making such an effort to conquer the sewing machine problems. I am not a sewer and I hate using my machine but sometimes the need calls.

  6. A nice tribute to autumn, Cheri. We're now past prime color time, but it was gorgeous this year. Great job on the pillow.

  7. Cheri, I love to watch as we can see daily the change of seasons. Your leaf pillow is wonderful and a hearty congratulations on your creativity and sewing success!


  8. Love these shots. Especially the tree with the red in the middle. Great pillow! Janey