Friday, October 5, 2012

Toby and Deacon

I let Toby and Deacon get to scruffy and by the time I called for them a haircut I couldn't get them in for 2 months.  They got to go the hottest part of the summer with long hair and now that it is cooler they have really short hair.  I have learned my lesson!  These pictures are before their haircut.

Now, yes they are cute like this, but they are hot and there are things matted in their hair so off with the fur.

Not quite as cute but they will be in about 2 weeks.  There is a reason my mom has to hold Toby.  He has decided he is scared of cameras.  If I even look like I am about to take a picture he runs, so most of my pictures of him look like this.

Or I get this....
Then I get this "have you put the camera away yet?"
Happy weekend, much love Cheri


  1. I laughed and chuckled Cheri, I didn't even recognise them!! I am in a similar situation with the Team. Isn't it weird about cameras - Jack isn't as bad as Toby but he will NOT look at the camera if he can help it. He would prefer it didn't exist.
    Haha now we've seen Deacon and Toby in all their naked glory!! :) Oh the indignities ....... :)

  2. I have shaved mine too and they were so cold they just stand around and shake. I can not even recognize yours after the haircut. And the camera...mine are not smart enough to know that it is doing anything. LOL

  3. I think they are cute with the long hair but I do understand the need for a cut! Happy weekend to you too Cheri.

  4. Hahahahahaha I love them either way! Long of short hair they are adorable! I dont have to go through that with Chacha cause she is a short hair Chihuahua. Hahaha my Chacha poses for pictures! She stays and pulls her ears back! Hahahaha

  5. They look so cute, strange the one is so afraid of a camera!

  6. What cute dogs, they're adorable!

  7. I had to laugh at this post. I know exactly what you mean-- my boys furs got too long during the hottest part of the summer and now that they've got cut, its too cold! Big difference before and after the grooming. The mats were unbelievable. Yes, the short hair is kinda cute, but so is when they're mid-length.